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Art and Design Focused Readings

AICAD Assessment Presentation by Debra Ballard 2/2018

Art and Design Colleges: Assessment on Their Own Terms by Debra Ballard

Art-Making in Undergraduate Curricula at Research Universities, Custom Research Brief, January 26th 2012

ArtsEngine: Art-making and the Arts in Research Universities, Strategic Task Forces March 2012 Interim Report

Arts and Humanities General Education Assessment: A Qualitative Approach to Developing Program Objectives, by Jilliam N.Joe, J. Christine Harmes, and Carol L. Barry. The Journal of General Education  Oct. 2008, Vol. 57 Issue 3, p131-151

Assessing Creativity in the Creative Arts, by Rob Cowdroy and Anthony Williams. Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education 2006, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p97-117

Assessing Creativity: Strategies and Tools to Support Teaching and Learning in Architecture and Design, by Anthony Williams, Hedda Haugen Askland. Lead Institution: The University of Newcastle, 2012

Assessing Creativity Using the Consensual Assessment Technique by John Baer and Sharon S. McKool. Handbook of Research on Assessment Technologies, Methods, and Applications in Higher Education, 2009

Assessing the long-term impact of a metacognitive approach to creative skill development, by Ryan A. Hargrove, 2012

Assessment Focus in Studio: What is Most Prominent in Architecture, Art, and Design? by Barbara de la Harpe, J. Fiona Peterson, Noel Frankham, Robert Zehner, Douglas Neale, Elizabeth Musgrave, and Ruth McDermott

Assessment of Graduate Programs in Art and Design, National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) 2009

Assessment of Performance in the Visual Arts: What, How, and Why by D. Boughton In Karpati, A., Gaul, E. (Eds.): From Child Art to Visual Culture of Youth - New Models and Tools for Assessment of Learning and Creation in Art Education. Intellect Press, Bristol, UK.

Assessment of Undergraduate Programs in Art and Design, National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) 2009

Assessment on Our Own Terms (NASAD), Policy Brief by NASAD, Jan. 2009

Assessment Practice in the Creative Arts by Grant Ellmers, 2006

Community of Practice Curricular Intersection Exemplar (Creativity and Innovation ILO) by Debra Ballard

Concept for Multi-Institutional Research Project: The Impact of Art-making in Research Universities on Student Creativity and Innovation, Chair: Sarah Bainter Cunningham, Director of Research in the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, March 2012

Creativity: What Is It? Can You Assess It? Can It Be Taught? by Lars Lindström, Journal of Art and Design Education, 22006

Designing Student Learning Outcomes in Undergradualte Architecture Education: Frameworks for Assessment by Leonard and Christine Bachman.

Drawing on Assessment: Using Visual Representations to Understand Students' Experiences of Assessment in Art and Design by Chris McKillop. Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education 2006 5 n02 131-144

Educational Assessment in Emerging Areas of Design: Toward to Development of a Systematic Framework Based on a Study of Rubrics by Stacie Rohrbach, Sheffield Hallam University.

Fostering creativity in the design studio: a framework towards effective pedagogical practices, by Ryan Hargrove, University of Kentucky, 2011

From Fine Art to Visual Culture: Assessment and the Changing Role of Art Education by Doug Boughton, International Journal of Education through Art 2005, Vol. 1 Issue 3, p211-223

Graphic Design Assessment by Stacie Rohrbach, Carnegie Mellon University

Intersections: The Utility of an ‘Assessment for Learning’ Discourse for Design Educators by Erik Bohemia, Kerry Harman and Liz McDowell

Knowledge Development Through Reflective Practice by Dermot Kehily

Qualitative Assessment of Arts Education by Robert Stake and April Munson. Haldref Publications, 2008

Reflection and Graphic Design Pedagogy by Grant Ellmers, 2006

Tacit Knowledge  by Cynthia T Matthew and Robert Sternberg

A Tale of Two Rubrics: Improving Teaching and Learning Across the Content Areas through Assessment by Kenneth Wolf, Mary Connelly, and Ann Komara

Techniques for Encouraging Reflection in Design, by Moura Quayle and Douglas Paterson/Journal of Architectural Education, Vol. 42, No. 2 (Winter, 1989), pp. 30-42

The Impact of Metacognitive Instruction on Creative Problem Solving, by Ryan A. Hargrove, University of Kentucky and John L. Nietfeld, North Carolina State University

Towards Transformation: Conceptions of Creativity in Higher Education by Paul Kleiman

The UnEssay: Making Room for Creativity in the Composition Classroom by Patrick Sullivan

Assessing the Impact of Library Instruction on Studio-Based Research by Ellen Petraits of RISD, Art Libraries Journal, Apr2017, Vol. 42 Issue 2, p80-85. (Login Required)

Readings on Diversity

Research and ideas about teaching and assessing diversity are located on the TLC website.

Debate on Learning Outcomes Assessment


Please see the tab on CRITIQUE

Assessment in General

AAHE 9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning, American Association of Higher Education Assessment Forum, 1996.

Analyzing the Appearance and Wording of Assessments: Understanding their Impact on Students’ Perception and Understanding, and Instructors’ Processes by Stacie Rohrbach, Carnegie Mellon University

Assessing E-Portfolios by Michael Reese, The Johns Hopkins University and Ron Levy, The Johns Hopkins University

Curriculum Mapping in Higher Education: A Vehicle for Collaboration by Kay Pippin Uchiyama and Jean L. Radin. Published online: 24 June 2008, Springer Science + Business Media

Digitized Student Portfolios by Kathleen Blake Yancey

Educational Assessment in Emerging Areas of Design: Toward the Development of a Systematic Framework Based on a Study of Rubrics by Stacie Rohrbach. Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive (SHURA), 2008

E-Portfolios and Assessment by Janet Strivens, David Baume, Simon Grant, Catherine Owen, Rob Ward, David Nicol

Learners' Lives: A Narrative Analysis by Heather J. Richmond. The Qualitative Report, Volume 7, Number 3 September, 2002

GD Education and Assessment by Grant Ellmers, Marius Foley, Dr. Sue Bennett, Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, Vol 5/1, 2008

Practicing Liberal Education: Formative Themes in the Re-invention of Liberal Learning by Carol Geary Schneider, President, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Rebooting Graduate Education in the Humanities by William Pannapacker.Chronicle of Higher Education, January 7, 2013

Reflection, Integration, and ePortfolio Pedagogy by Bret Eynon, Laura M. Gambino and Judit Torok

Rest Is Not Idleness: Implications of the Brain's Default Mode for Human Development and Education by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Joanna A. Christodoulou and Vanessa Singh. Perspectives on Psychological Science 2012 7: 352, Number 3

Rethinking Program Assessment through the Use of Program Alignment MappingTechnique Min Liu, Duff Wrobbel & Isaac Blankson. Communication Teacher (Routledge) Vol. 24, No.4, October 2010, pp. 238-246

The Role of e-Portfolios in Formative and Summative Assessment: Report of the JISC-funded Study, Centre for Recording Achievement for JISC by Janet Strivend, David Baume, Catherine Owen, Simon Grant, Rob Ward, and David Nocol, July 2008.

SmartSurfaces: a Multidisciplinary, Hands-on, Think-tank by John Marshall, Max Shtein, and Karl Daubmann. Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, 2011

Standards of Accreditation: Track Changes Version, September 2012

Study on the Role of E-Portfolios in Formative and Summative Assessment Practices by Janet Strivens, David Baume, Catherine Owen, Simon Grant, Rob Ward, David Nicol  (Project Team JISC) 30 September 2009

Techniques for Encouraging Reflection in Design, by Moura Quayle and Douglas Paterson. Journal of Architectural Education, Vol. 42, No. 2 (Winter, 1989), pp. 30-42

The utility of an ‘Assessment for Learning’ discourse for Design educators, by Erik Bohemia, Kerry Harman and Liz McDowell, Northumbria University, 2009

WSCUC Accreditation Redesign at a Glance: A Guide to the Draft 2013 Handbook of Accreditation, Western Association of Schools and Colleges

What I Learned in College by Colleen Flaherty in Inside Higher Ed, February 28, 2014

Why Are We Assessing? (Debra Ballard worked on this.)

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