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History of Graphic Design through Publications: GOTTINGEN MODEL BOOK

Göttingen Model Book

Location: ND2980 G6 1972 (Circulating copy)

Model books were the medieval equivalent to modern clipart. This model book was the one used when painting one of the few surviving Gutenberg bibles printed on parchment. Our copy is a facsimile edition with commentary, by Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt. More on the book here.

Gutenberg Digital is a fantastic website where you can view both the entire model book as well as the bible separately or compare them side by side. The site also contains the translation of the model book which details how to paint all of the elements used for the bible.


Gottingen, fol. 1r original

fol. 1r: Original

Gottingen fol. 1r: English transcription

fol. 1r: English transcription

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