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Otis College Learning Management System


The grade book tool which allows for a lot of customization. As such, it can be confusing.

We STRONGLY recommend meeting with the Teaching/Learning Center staff for help creating your first grade book.

How to Create Your Grade Book:

Select Grades > Course Toolbox > Setup Wizard

Step 1

  • Select Weighted 

Step 2

  • Select Calculated Final Grade
  • Select Automatically Release Final Grade

Step 3

  • Select Drop Ungraded Items
  • Select Automatically Keep Final Grade Updated

Step 4

  • Select Letter Grades (Department)

Step 5

  • Enter 1

Step 6

  • Select Points Grade
  • Select Grade Scheme Symbol
  • Enter 1 in the first box
  • Enter 2 in the second box
  • Select Display Final Grade Calculation to Users

Step 7

  • Select Finish

Step 8

  • Select Manage Grade Items and Categories
  • Select New > Category to build categories listed in the syllabus

Your Grade book and categories have been set up! 

You may now begin to build your assignments.






STEP 1: Grade Center Setup Wizard (0:02:43)

Unable to view? Watch on Youtube.

STEP 2: Create Grade Item For Each Graded Task (0:02:00)

Unable to view? Watch on Youtube.

STEP 3: Create A Submission Folder To Collect Coursework (0:02:08)

Unable to view? Watch on Youtube.

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