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2018 Winners

We congratulate our 2018 ePortfolio Excellence Award Winners!.

 E-Portfolios are recognized based on the quality of student presentation of academic, co-curricular, personal learning experiences, and accomplishments along with the ePortfolios’ creativity and individuality as showcased on the O-Space ePortfolio platform.

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner
Megan Moberly (DIGM Senior)

Megan Moberly

Megan's ePortfolio

The judges said:

  • “Creative layout. Very personal. Stands out! "
  • “This is a strong ePortfolio as the content is well organized and shows a lot of personality within the design. The work seems to be constantly kept up to date and the artist creates a narrative around the work keeping the audience part of their community and academic experience.”
  • “Megan Moberly's portfolio presents a mix of LAS and studio, includes an EXCITING cover page, reflections, videos and a little bit of co-curricular. Great portfolio!”
  • “So bright, colorful, and exciting! LOTS of work included-- studio, LAS and co-curricular.”
  • “Beautiful background and header that showcase student's art/design. Good level of detail and insight in reflections. Neatly organized. Makes good use of the gallery module. Shows possibilities for ePortfolio as tool for reflection, documentation of work, and professional development.”

grand prize blue badge

Notable Entries

Francesca Zeno (DIGM Sophomore)

"Thoughtful and well-organized content!"

Francesca's ePortfolio

Joshua Chang (ARLI Senior)

"Thorough! Tons of co-curricular content."

Joshua's ePortfolio

Justus Morschauser (DIGM Sophomore)

"Extremely creative ePortfolio theme and easy to navigate."

Justus's Learning ePortfolio

purple notable entry badge

Excellence Award Winner

Excellence Award Winner
Yiming Zhang (FASD Sophomore)

Yiming Zhang

Yiming's ePortfolio

The judges said:

  • “This ePortfolio serves as a good example to other Otis College students! It includes a lot of beautiful pictures, photos, projects and paintings.”
  • “Great sense of who Yiming is. Lots of attention to every detail.”
  • “Yiming's portfolio beautifully documents their work. It is well designed and easy to navigate, with clear order and organization. I appreciate how they have showcased their culture in their welcome page and overall design.”

red badge for excellence awards

Notable Entries

Lucas Cantu Guerra (Foundation)

"Consideration of overall ePortfolio design."

Lucas's ePortfolio

Sky Hazard (FINA Sophomore)

"Good job showcasing personality and interests."

Sky's ePortfolio

So Jeung Moon (TOYD Senior)

"Thorough inclusion of academic coursework."

So Jeung's ePortfolio

purple notable entry badge

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