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Course Management System (CMS)

Notifications Tab In O-Space CMS

Course Management System (CMS) = "My Courses"

The Course Management System (CMS) or "My Courses" is the place where the interaction between faculty and students occurs.
Features within the CMS Include:

  • Discussion Posts 
  • Assignment Submission
  • Gradebooks
  • Attendance
  • See Students

Faculty can email students from the CMS, share handouts, and have private discussions.

Student CMS FAQs

Can I create a post?

No. Only faculty can create new posts. 

Can a reply to a post be private?

You can keep your post reply by private by selecting the option under Viewable By: to "Only me and instructor (make this message private).

I'm not receiving emails from O-Space?

In "Notifications" make sure you keep the following checkbox selected. Otherwise, you will not receive announcements sent through O-Space from your instructor.

cms notification checkbox

CMS User Roles

Faculty > Administrators for an O-Space course or group.

Students > Participants in an O-Space course or group.

Faculty CMS FAQs

How do I notify students that something new is posted?

When creating a new post there us an option to "notify all." If this option is selected a notification will be sent by email to all participants in the class.

CMS Post Notification option

What if I don't select the option to send out a notification for a new post?

Students must either check manually or subscribe to the post. By subscribing to the post the student will be emailed every time new content is added to that post.

Why can't I put ALL my course readings into O-Space?
It is the policy of Otis College of Art & Design to follow the US Copyright Law. No more than 20% of required course readings should be made available through O-Space. Your login to O-Space acknowledges your acceptance of this policy.

Do I have to track attendance in O-Space?

It is your choice. Most faculty find it easier to use the Roster emailed by Registration to keep attendance. In O-Space, you have to add each week into the CMS to track attendance. Taking attendance in O-Space.

What is under the "Settings" tab?

The "Settings" section gives teachers access to important administrative features for their course or community including User Access, Attendance, Grades, and Settings.

How do I add people to my course?

To add new users to your course or community, go to the "Settings" tab. Then select "User Access" on the left menu. Search for a user to be added. Try using last names only and then pick from the list using the + sign.

Add CMS Users

What are groups?

Faculty can create posts that are only viewable to a certain group of students. There is a group manager for creating groups, and adding and removing students from groups as needed. To create a group click the "Settings" button under Administration on the left and then click Groups. Type in a group name and click the "add" button. Add students into the group by clicking the "+" button next to the student's name. 

How do I add links?

Links can be added to the left-hand menu of any course or community as Quick Links. These links provide easy access to websites. You can add Quicklinks by going to the "Settings" tab.

How do I adjust my grade settings?

To customize the grade settings click on the "Grade Settings" button under "Settings." Now click on the "Edit" button at the bottom of the list. From this page you will be able to alter the correlation between letters and percentages.

Are the gradebook calculations accurate?

To ensure accurate calculations, always enter the actual numerical score for the given assignment. If you choose to add a letter grade, the system will use the midpoint percentage for that letter grade. For example, if you enter a student's grade as a B and a B is between 80% and 90% then that student's grade will show up as 85 percent. This can skew the overall grade calculation. For greater accuracy, enter the score.

What are the Otis College grade settings?

Check with your Academic Department.
Most departments use the scale below:

LAS Department Grade Scale

What is the calendar module?

The Calendar allows you to organize events and create tasks for the courses you are in. Setting one of the courses to Hide by default will stop Calendar posts from that course from showing up. On the right side of the calendar you are able to create tasks that only you can see, a to do list. By clicking the "T" you will toggle it to "C" this allows you to create a category. This can be used to arrange your tasks in separate categories.

Where are guidelines for what is appropriate to post in O-Space?
Guidelines for publishing to Otis College web spaces

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