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There are many types of ePortfolios you can create in O-Space.

All ePortfolios are created the same way.

E-Portfolio templates are also available depending on the type of ePortfolio you wish to create.

Students - Instructions To Create Learning ePortfolio

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Select "CC" for captions.

E-Portfolio Templates

Create From Scratch 

Used By: Anyone

create from scratch ePortfolio template

Learning e-Portfolios

Used By: Students only.

learning eportfolio template

CA-IL Group Project ePortfolio

Used By: Students only enrolled in Sophomore CA-IL course.

cail eportfolio template

Rank and Promotion Application ePortfolio

Used By: Faculty only.

rank and promotion ePortfolio

E-Learning Course/Syllabus ePortfolio

Used By: Faculty only.

blended course template

Program Review ePortfolio

Used By: Departments only.

program review template

Annual Evidence Archive ePortfolio

Used By: Departments only.

annual evidence ePortfolio

General Instructions To Create An ePortfolio

When you first log in to O-Space:

You will see three categories identified by gray horizontal menu bars: 

  • My e-portfolio
  • My courses
  • My communities

Navigate to the “My e-portfolio” section

Select “Create” on the upper right

The information you enter during the set-up can be changed and updated at a later date by going into "Portfolio Tools" > "Settings."

enter ePortfolio title

Enter your ePortfolio Title.

The web address will be automatically created.

If you wish to use a space between words, use an underscore.

choose a template

Make sure you select the template that best suits your needs.

Don't know? Choose "Create from Scratch."

You cannot change your template once your e-portfolio has been created. 

Leave "Use selected template's theme" selected under "Choose A Theme."

You can further customize your ePortfolio once you have created.

permissions options

Select one:

  • Private within Otis College: You can set-up your e-portfolio so only the Otis community can see it.
  • Private To Me: You can set-up your e-portfolio so only you can see it.
  • Public: You can have anyone look at your e-portfolio.

adding specific users

Custom Permissions: Add individuals or classes from the Otis community by doing a name search.

taggingTagging allows search words to be associated with ePortfolios. Tagging is not really used so you can select "Do not allow tags."

Select your commenting preferences.comments

Select your Conversations preference.


Select the button at the very bottom to finish creating your ePortfolio.

create button

Faculty - Create Course ePortfolio From Template

Unable to view video? Watch on Youtube.

It is common practice for faculty to create a syllabus ePortfolio from a common template available in the O-Space Course (CMS) area.

  1. On home screen, scroll down to "My Communities" area toward the bottom
  2. You will see a community group for the course with a shared ePortfolio syllabus template to download
  3. Select the community group
  4. Select "ePortfolios" tab
  5. Select "Create ePortfolio from Template" button
  6. Enter a title (Best practice to include course number, course title, instructor name, semester, and year)
  7. Can skip permission and theme area
  8. Enter "Tagging" option
  9. Select "Create New ePortfolio" button

Your own copy of the syllabus has been created.

Under "Portfolio Tools" drop-down menu, can select "Settings" to make any further modifications

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