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Faculty: Provide Student Access To Course ePortfolio

When creating a course ePortfolio . . .

  • For the title include "YEAR + SEMESTER + CLASS TITLE + FACULTY NAME" to keep your ePortfolios organized as well as make it easy for students to recognize.
  • Remember, students do NOT automatically have access like they do to the course (CMS). You need to add them to the ePortfolio. 

1. Go to your course listed under the gray heading "My Courses" from the O-Space home page
2. Select the "ePortfolio" tab
3. Select "Add ePortfolio"
4. Add ePortfolio To O-Space Course
5. Since you have already created the course ePortfolio, go to the bottom "Search by Name"
6. Enter the title of your ePortfolio and select "Search"

add ePortfolio button

search for ePortfolio

7. Select the correct ePortfolio
8. Select "Add"
9. You now determine user access
10. From the drop-down menu under "Students", select appropriate level of access

The template option does not apply when giving students access to a course e-Portfolio. Keep that option as "no."

11. Select "Save"

Your students have now been collectively added to your course ePortfolio.

Students: Access An Instructor's ePortfolio

You have three options for accessing an instructor's course ePortfolio.

1. Subscribe

When you subscribe to a course ePortfolio, it will appear on your O-Space home screen under "My ePortfolios."

  • Click on the Subscribe link at the bottom of any page in the course ePortfolio
  • An ePortfolio's theme may make the link hard to find, but it will always appear under the copyright statement

Users can "subscribe" to topics in courses and communities as well as to ePortfolios. Once a user has "subscribed", they will be automatically emailed every time new content is added to that topic, that topic is modified, or new replies to the topic are posted.


To manage all of your subscriptions, click on the "SUBSCRIPTIONS LINK" in the top menu. To UNSUBSCRIBE click on the Unsubscribe link for the course or ePortfolio.

ePortfolio subscriptions

2. O-Space Home Screen

Underneath the top gray heading "My ePortfolios," you will see the directory icons and titles of all of your ePortfolios, including course ePortfolios to which you have subscribed or have Editor or higher permissions. Select the course ePortfolio's icon.

3. O-Space Course (CMS)

Underneath the gray heading "My Courses," you will see the course listed. Select the course and then select the "ePortfolios" tab. The course ePortfolio will be listed as a link you can select to access.

If your instructor has created a course ePortfolio, but it does not appear on this tab, try selecting "e-Portfolios" at the very top of the O-Space home page and do a directory search for it.

Permission Options

You can designate who has access to the content of your e-portfolio and their role.

1. General Permission Settings

Change under Portfolio Tools > Settings under the area for Permissions.

settings option under portfolio tools

Note: Student Learning ePortfolios should be set to "Private within Otis College of Art and Design."

permission options

  • Private To Otis = only the Otis community can see e-portfolio.
  • Private To Me = only you can see e-portfolio.
  • Public = anyone can see e-portfolio; no O-Space log-in required.
  • Custom Permissions =  add individuals from Otis and define level of access.

Under "Private" or "Public" you can further restrict access by creating your own password access.

2. Custom Permission Settings

This feature gives you the opportunity to add:

  • individual users (enter their name into the box under Additional Permissions)
  • groups of users (typically from an O-Space Course or O-Space Group)

search box for permissions

Many people have similar names. If you cannot find the correct person, type in their full Otis College email address. If that does not work, please contact the TLC.

3. User Roles for ePortfolios

Once you add users or groups to your e-portfolio, you have the option to choose their role:

  • Viewer = only view the content.
  • Editor = can add content to e-portfolio and save it in draft form.
  • Publisher = add content and publish it for others to see.
  • Admin = has full control over the e-portfolio.
  • Editors + Publishers + Admin will receive email notifications when comments are left on e-portfolio pages.

4. Show ePortfolio in Otis College Directory

Under "Private" or "Public" you can select the option to show e-portfolio in the school directory. 

Select this option for your Learning ePortfolio!

If an e-Portfolio does not "show in the directory," it can still be accessed if one has the direct URL (and the permission to access it.) It will not appear in any searches, including when clicking on the link to X's Portfolios on the People tab.

Manage ePortfolio View On O-Space Home Page

On your O-Space Home screen, you can control what ePortfolios you wish to see.

Select the black dashed lines to open a new menu.

dashed lines next to ePortfolio on O-Space home screen

Check the box next to your preferences. 

Select the black dashed lines again to close the menu.

Tips For The Classroom

If interested in creating a common collaborative space for students - Publisher access is sufficient.

We advise providing either unique pages and/or having students add their own modules in uploading content to a common ePortfolio. 

Why? ‚ÄčIf everyone tries to upload content into the same page and the same module on that page - it is easy to accidentally delete each other's work since everyone is trying to upload work to the same spot at the same time. 

If students only need View access to an ePortfolio, have your students subscribe to the e-portfolio instead of adding them as individuals. The ePortfolio will appear on their O-Space Home Screen.

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