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Comments on ePortfolios

O-Space users can comment on ePortfolios. Any user with admin access to the ePortfolio will receive an email every time a comment is left.

To leave a comment, navigate to the bottom of any ePortfolio page where comments are enabled.

commenting on ePortfolios

You Can Control Comment Settings:

  • Go to the settings tab at the bottom of the ePortfolio page. (Visible in edit mode).
  • Select the settings tab and choose your options and click save.

comment settings


You can also control commenting under the ePortfolio Tools drop-down menu under "Settings."

comments menu

Using ePortfolio Conversations

The conversation feature in O-Space ePortfolios allows you to highlight specific portions of ePortfolio text and media to start a conversation or leave detailed feedback.

Conversations are visible to O-Space Users.
Conversations can be deleted by the ePortfolio Admin - no record is kept.
You do NOT receive alerts when someone has posted a conversation or responded.

1. Select ePortfolio
2. You will notice a conversation bubble on the upper right side of the ePortfolio if Conversations have been activated for that ePortfolio

conversation bubble

3. Select an image or highlight text.
4. A discussion box appears for you to leave feedback.

highlighted web text with a pop-up discuss this box to enter comments

5. Type your comment and select send.
6. The conversation thread will appear on the right-hand side of the webpage.

To Enable or Disable the Conversations Tool
You can enable conversations by going into your ePortfolio Tools > Settings.

Select "Enable Conversations" at the bottom.


conversation area in ePortfolio settings

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