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Getting Started

Within an O-Space ePortfolio:

  • Sections hold pages
  • Pages hold content arranged in Modules

Make sure you have added the sections and pages within your ePortfolio first.

The next step is to begin to build your module content.

Adding Sections

To add a new section:

1. Go to the top of the menu bar in ePortfolio.
2. Select the add/edit section tab just underneath the title.
3. Enter the section name.
4. Click Save.

If you wish to change a section title, select the pencil icon next to the existing section.

the edit section header showing how to enter a new section title

Adding Pages

You can organize your ePortfolio by adding pages for specific topics or assignments.

1. Go to the sidebar on the left. Select the “Add/Edit” tab and select "add a page".
2. Give your page a title.
3. Select Save.

The title will appear on the menu.

numbered steps to add pages to an ePortfolio

Advanced Page Options

The same options are available for ePortfolio sections.

To Delete or Edit a Page:

  • You can reorder pages by clicking and dragging the page within the sidebar.
  • To edit a page name, select the pencil icon on the right of the page under the "Add/Edit" Tab on the sidebar.
  • Select save when you are finished. 

Select "Advanced" under the page name for more options to organize your left page menu.

  • A > Hide the page so no one can see it
  • B > Collapse allows you to hide subpages.
  • C > Heading makes the page a heading. You cannot add content to a "Heading" page.

To delete a page, select "Delete this page" at the bottom.

list of advanced options

Creating Headers and Indenting Pages



Types of Module Content

Modules are frameworks for organizing and uploading specific content information.

You can add as many modules to a page as you need.

Module Choices:

  • Image/Video/Audio
  • Rich Text
  • Gallery
  • Contact Form
  • Equation
  • Google Apps
  • Social Modules

Save + Publish 

  • Save content
  • Publish = allows others to view saved content


Social Modules

There are three social modules that can be added into an ePortfolio:

  • Credly - Credly allows you to upload Digital Badges to your ePortfolio.
  • Twitter - This module displays a customizable feed of your (or your friend's) latest tweets from Twitter.
  • Bookmarks - This module provides a set of links to popular social networking sites.

To Add A Digital Badge:

Select the Credly Module.


Log into Credly.



Select Digital Badges.


Equation Module

Cleanly display mathematical formulas.

Add notation content in the form of:

  • LaTeX
  • AsciiMath  

Content will be displayed as equations on the page once the module is published.

pink circles around the equation module option from the add a module menu in ePortfolio

Google Apps Module

This module allows you to embed Google Drive Calendar into the ePortfolio.

Make sure to follow the instructions after you add the module and select "edit."

Rich Text Module

This module provides a rich text area that can contain formatted text and display links, files, and images as well.

Unable to view video? Watch on Youtube.

Select "CC" for captions.

black divider line

Select "Add A Module"
Select "Rich Text"
Confirm and select "Add This Module"

Rich Text is the module you will use most often in your ePortfolio/s.


Rich Text Toolbar Icons

icons in rich text module toolbar with captions explaining what each icon does


Image/Video/Audio Module

This module allows you to display a single large piece of media, such as a movie, image, or audio file.

  • Upload video files up to 1 GB
  • Use "Replace This Media with Large Video" to upload files up to 100GB

If working with larger videos, strongly suggest uploading video to Youtube or Vimeo and then embed the media into ePortfolio.

Unable to view video? Watch on Youtube.

Select "CC" for captions.

Gallery Module

This module can contain several pieces of media (videos, mages, etc) with captions.

This module functions as a combination of both the Image/Video/Audio + Rich Text modules.

Unable to view video? Watch on Youtube.

Select "CC" for captions

black divider line

Rather than upload a powerpoint file for your user to download. Consider saving the powerpoint presentation as a series of jpeg images.

Upload the images into this module so your user can scroll through the presentation easily.

You can do the same with graphic PDF files.

Contact Form Module

This module provides a way for viewers to send you information via email without revealing your email address.

Unable to view video? Watch on Youtube.

Select "CC" for captions.

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