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The following page contains answers to common questions regarding Otis College ePortfolios.

Training and Support Questions

Are there training sessions to help me use my e-Portfolio/s?
In-person support is always available in the Library, TLC, and SLC.
Where can I work on my e-Portfolio/s?
Since your ePortfolio is web-based, you can access it from any networked computer. You can access O-Space from home or on any of the available computer labs at Otis College in addition to the computers in the Labs, Library and SLC. Faculty have dedicated computer space in the TLC.

Questions not covered?
If you still have questions that are not addressed above, please contact Jean-Marie Venturini at

General Learning ePortfolio Questions

How do I create my Learning e-Portfolio?
For all incoming students, you will create your Learning ePortfolio during Orientation. You can also view online instructions below.
What is appropriate content to put into my Learning e-Portfolio?
Your Learning ePortfolio is a space for students to reflect on their academic experience. Students should aim to move beyond superficial reactions such as "I like" or "don't like" in favor of more critical and thoughtful responses. Think more about evaluating the “why” or “how”.
You control the content of any ePortfolio created, but the Learning ePortfolio is a space for critical reflection. It is not an appropriate space to complain or rant about faculty, your courses, or friends/classmates.
Who can see my Learning e-Portfolio?
You determine who can view your Learning ePortfolio. It is recommended that Learning ePortfolios remain open to the Otis College Community so faculty and classmates have access.

Technical Questions

How do I update or make changes to my e-Portfolio/s?
See the guides located under "Classic ePortfolios."
What happens to my e-Portfolio/s after I graduate or leave?
Student ePortfolios will remain active as part of O-Space. Alumni have access to O-Space ePortfolios. Faculty/Staff no longer with the college should download their ePortfolio content before leaving. 
What if I want to take my ePortfolio and re-launch it in a different domain?
You can export the e-portfolio as a folder of HTML files including the original versions of any uploaded media. Go to the "Portfolio Tools" tab and click on the "Download" button. Save the zipped folder to your computer and then extract the files. Each HTML page includes the main content as well as the sidebar, header, footer and comments. Uploaded media, including the originals, are located in the files subfolder.

portfolio tools menu showing download option in o-space ePortfolios
How much space do I have on my e-Portfolio/s?
There is no space restriction. However, uploaded media cannot be larger that 25MB. Images that are smaller are preferred since they will load much quicker.
How do I edit text and add pictures/graphics?
See the guides located under "Classic ePortfolios."
If my images are too large, how do I resize them?
Use an image processing program, such as Photoshop, and save the image as a JPG. The maximum file size is 20 MB, though smaller files will load much more quickly. Images that are wider than 500 px will be automatically resized when uploaded via the Image/Video/Audio module.
How do I add links or embed video into my e-Portfolio/s?
See the guides located under "Classic ePortfolios."

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