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O-Space: E-Portfolio Excellence Awards

2018 Excellence Award Poster

About the Award

This is your chance to demonstrate the value of your Otis College Education!

Transcripts, resumes, and professional art portfolios aren't the only way to present the record of your college learning to potential employers. The College ePortfolio Excellence Award is an incentive for you to think about additional ways to demonstrate the value of your education.

The Award

The award celebrates learning and the integration of academics, student life, and technology. 

Challenge yourself to improve and personalize your Learning ePortfolio in unique ways.

The two top prize winners will receive their awards at the annual Student Awards Banquet. All winners will receive cash prize, certificate, digital badge, and be showcased on the Otis College website.

  • GRAND PRIZE > Junior/Senior level
  • EXCELLENCE AWARD > Sophomore/Foundation level

Previous Award Winners

We encourage you to look at previous award recipients.

2018 ePortfolio Excellence Awards

2017 ePortfolio Excellence Awards

2016 ePortfolio Excellence Awards


Friday - March 16, 2018

How To Apply

  1. Log into the Otis College Dashboard (
  2. Navigate to O-Space via the icon at the top
  3. Go to "My Communities" and select "Find"
  4. Search for "Otis ePortfolio Excellence Award" Group
  5. Select "View"
  6. Select "Enroll"
  7. Submit your entire Learning e-Portfolio to the Excellence Award 2018

Applied or won last year? Apply again this year!

Running into trouble?

Instructions to submit or contact: Jean-Marie (, Natalie Arps-Bumbera (, Heather (

Judging Criteria

Your Learning ePortfolios will be judged on the presentation of your academic, co-curricular, personal learning experiences, accomplishments, and creativity and individuality - as showcased on the O-Space ePortfolio platform.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Academic, Co-Curricular and Personal Accomplishments
  • Connections between Academic and Student Life
  • Creativity and Individuality
  • Quality of Reflections documenting your learning experiences at Otis College
  • Effective usage of the O-Space ePortfolio platform
  • Serve as a good example for other Otis College students

The judging committee includes members of the Otis College community including staff, faculty, and students.

O-Space Top Tips 

1. Include co-curricular activities as really makes a difference in judging.
2. Make sure to caption media so viewers have context for what you are posting. 
3. Delete any empty or unused areas of your ePortfolio.
4. Make sure your course assignments are organized cleanly on that left menu navigation.
5. Avoid indenting paragraphs. Instead keep text flush to left margin and add extra space between paragraphs for easier online reading.

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