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You are encouraged to update your O-Space Profile. 

We specifically recommend adding a profile picture. This profile picture will appear in the My Course Area on the "People" tab as well next to each created post or post reply.

You can make other changes to your profile including:

  • Set up SMS notifications
  • Add your personal website
  • Opt in on experimental features
  • Set the default options for comments for all of your e-portfolios

Video Tutorial

Unable to view video? Watch on Youtube.

Select "CC" for captions.

Step-By-Step Instructions

navigating to profile area

Navigate to where it says "Welcome, your name" at the very top on the right.

  1. Select your name
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page were you see "Image"
  3. Select the browse button
  4. Search your computer for the image you wish to use
  5. Select the desired file
  6. Select "Open"
  7. The file will upload

The image will be automatically resized.

Select "Save" at the bottom.

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