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"Submission" allows digital work to be centrally collected into an O-Space Course (CMS) for quicker faculty access. The coursework is automatically archived through this process. 

Students can submit:

  • from an ePortfolio
  • directly upload documents into the course area (CMS)

Many Academic Departments require students upload by the end of the semester to their Learning ePortfolios (LeP) the Signature Assignment for that course. The Signature Assignment is that assignment that best displays the knowledge or skills essential to the objectives of a course.

When a student completes a submission from their LeP, the O-Space system will take a snapshot of the student's Learning ePortfolio page(s) as "evidence." If a student later changes the page(s) (such as fixing typos or deleting the entire e-portfolio), instructors will still have access to this original evidence. In addition, the submissions are time-stamped.

Submitting ensures the creation of an archive of the student work and will allow the department to collect data for assessment.

Students can submit only once, it is recommended to wait and submit when the work is finished.

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