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How To Submit Work In O-Space From ePortfolio

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1. Select your Learning ePortfolio
2. Go to the "Portfolio Tools" tab on the upper right side
3. From the drop down menu select "Submit"
4. From the pop-up menu select the Submission Assignment
5. Click the BLUE text

You will see the course listed underneath the title of the Submission Assignment.

6. Select the circle next to the correct ePortfolio page where the work is published.

Make sure your ePortfolio has been SAVED + PUBLISHED otherwise your faculty will see only a blank page.

7. Select "SUBMIT"
8. You can check the submission
9. You can also "UNDO" the Submission if you made a mistake

Remember, you can only Submit ONCE.


selecting submit from the portfolio tools drop down menu

choosing an assignment from the submission window

selecting ePortfolio page to submit

window showing link to check submission or undo submission

How To Submit Work In O-Space Through Course

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1. Select O-Space course under "My Courses" gray heading
2. Select "Submission" tab
3. Under "Summary View" will see a list of assignment titles in bold
4. Go to the correct Submission Assignment
5. Select "Step 1"

Do not select "(info)."

6. You will see a description of the assignment and a description for Step 1
7. Under "Evidence Added" select "ePortfolio"
8. You will see the title of your ePortfolio
9. Select the upside down gray triangle to see a list of all sections and pages in your ePortfolio
10. Select each page you wish to submit to your instructor
11. You can only submit ONCE so make sure you are finished

The content on your page must be SAVED + PUBLISHED, otherwise you will end up submitting a blank ePortfolio page.

12. Select "Save and Submit" at the bottom
13. You will see a new screen that confirms you have completed the submission
14. Select "View ePortfolio" to check and make sure you submitted the correct coursework​

If you made a mistake - contact your instructor to delete the submission

picture of window in submissions to select ePortfolio page to submit

outline of ePortfolio pages with checkboxes to select

gray submit evidence button


Viewing Instructor Feedback In Submissions

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1. Select current course under gray heading "My Courses"
2. Select "Submissions" tab
3. Step 1 requires you submit work
4. Step 2 is often where faculty will leave feedback on what you posted
5. Select "(info)" next to Step 2
6. Will see assessment (grade/feedback) from faculty in the second step 2 box

All submission assignments are listed in bold with steps underneath.

  • Blue square = no submission
  • Yellow square = complete
  • Orange sqaure = waiting for faculty to grade
  • Green or Gray square = graded.

If you select Step 1, you can see what you submitted by selecting "View e-Portfolio".

If you haven't submitted anything yet you will see a gray box marked "Submit Evidence" (Evidence = coursework).

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