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SLC Services

One-on-one Tutoring

One-on-one Tutoring Description:
During our one-on-one tutoring sessions, highly trained tutors help you with your writing skills or math skills by asking you questions about your work and helping you through the problems you face, not by telling you what to write or what the answer is. Thus, we focus on helping you become academically independent by involving you in the learning process.

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Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Writing Tutoring Description:
Virtual tutoring sessions are completed asynchronously. With virtual tutoring, highly trained tutors review the written work uploaded by students. Tutors, with clear comments and suggestions written in the margins of your written work, will help you develop and organize your thoughts, enhance your writing, and improve your grammar. No virtual math tutoring is available at this time.

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Workshop Description:
The Student Learning Center offers on-going workshops on writing, math, and academic skills. Tutors, in each workshop, will work closely with each student Workshop topics will be offered based on faculty suggestions and rotate throughout the semester. Students can walk into our workshop at anytime and may work on that topic with any of our tutors for as long as they like.

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