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Mission Statement

The Otis Student Learning Center fosters students' social, emotional, and academic development. We provide support on campus and online through success coaching and academic tutoring. We serve our entire population of students, empowering students to be self-aware, socially-aware, self-managed, and responsible active learners. We act as student advocates as well as facilitators of students’ learning. The goals are:

1) To serve students by providing academic support in writing, math, and art history
2) To promote ethical inquiry, critical thinking, and expression
3) To encourage diverse perspectives
4) To facilitate students' independence and authority as learners
5) To show students tools and strategies for proactive, engaged learning
6) To teach students how to effectively seek and receive input on their work
7) To teach students strategies for revising and improving their work

Art History Tutoring

The Student Learning Center now provides Art History tutoring. Faculty Art Historians from the Liberal Arts and Sciences department work closely with the SLC to provide students with this needed service. Art historians can provide students assistance with: 1) reading comprehension, 2) art terms and concepts, 3) writing reading responses and the isearch paper, 4) the formal analysis process, and 5) semiotic analysis.

Meet your Art Historians:

Olga Legg  

Olga Legg

Spring 2023

On-Campus: Friday 11am–12pm

Virtual: Tuesday 3:30–4:30

Roberta Panzanelli  

Roberta Panzanelli

Spring 2023

On-Campus: Monday 11am–12:00pm 

Virtual: Tuesday 1pm–2pm 

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