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Student Learning Center: FACULTY / STAFF

Referring Students to the Student Learning Center

When a student is struggling academically, you may refer your student to the SLC for academic help. If you would like the student to be notified, please check the appropriate box. A tutor or success coach will reach out to the student in a timely fashion and invite them to make an appointment or drop in the SLC. 


Click the button below to refer a student to the SLC:

Require a Tutoring Session

As an Otis College instructor, you may require tutoring sessions for your classes or for certain assignments. If you choose to require tutoring sessions for your class, you have two reporting options: 1) get a summary of your students attending their sessions, or 2) get notified of each session your students are attending in real-time.


Click the button below to make tutoring a requirement for your class or assignment:

Scheduling an In-class Tutor

As an Otis College instructor, you may schedule an SLC tutor to assist your students during your course's peer editing days. Tutors are trained to assist your students with identifying errors and revising those errors without imposing their own ideas and viewpoints onto the student. For those teaching math courses, you may schedule an SLC tutor to assist your students during days when active learning occurs. Tutors may work with pairs or can work with your students one-on-one. FYI: In-class tutors are not to teach a lesson during the class; their main purpose is to provide individualized instruction that reinforces the lesson of the instructor.


Click the button below to schedule an SLC tutor in your class:

Academic Warnings

You may wish to also mention the SLC when issuing an Academic Warning (specifically under "Improvement Necessary") for students in addition to the faculty referral. Please note, the SLC is not notified of Academic Warnings.

Additional Assistance

Please remember to use discretion and disclose only information which is pertinent to the student's academic standing and useful for the SLC staff and tutors to properly assist the student.

If you have questions regarding Disability Services, please contact the Assistant Dean, Dr. Carol Branch, at or visit their webpage for more information.

Questions / Comments / Concerns

If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments, please email the Coordinator, Ryan Khoo, at or the Assist Coordinator, Joanne Chan at

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