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Awards In The Nest

Giving Awards (Digital Badges) to your students in the Nest is a great way to acknowledge their learning achievements and accomplishments in your course. 

AWARDS are a GAMIFICATION element that symbolizes the achievements of learners.

Awards can be rewarded to learners to let them know that their success is noticed and appreciated, which in turn can often spur them on toward even greater achievements in learning. Awards can be used as an alternative, or as a supplement, to your traditional point-based grading system.

It is important to note that the reason Awards work are not because learners want these digital badges, but because acquiring these digital badges motivate students to further their learning. In other words, if you are applying gamification to your learning environment, use it with the theory that the purpose of Awards is to motivate learners, not to give them extrinsic rewards. 

Awards can be digital badges, but they can also result in other class rewards, such as bonus time on an assignment, extra credit points, or even digital bubble wrap because who doesn't enjoy popping bubble wrap!

Sharing Awards to Social Media

How To Create A Course Award (Badge)

Direct link to view video on Youtube.

Students will receive notification in the Nest they have earned an Award.

The Award will show in their Nest profile. 

How To Create An Award

  1. Within the course, got to "Course Toolbox" and select "Awards."
  2. Click Add Award to Course.
  3. Click Create Award.
  4. Enter a name and description for the new award. Select "badge" from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the appropriate checkboxes to indicate if you want the award to be available in other courses.
  6. Select expiration options: If the award will not expire, select "Never."
    • Examples of awards that never expire are certificates of merit for passing a course, or badges for perfect attendance.
    • If the award will expire on a specific date, select Fixed date. Examples of awards that will expire on a specific date are certifications for a skill that must be renewed.
    • If the award will expire on a day relative to the day the award was granted, select Relative Day of the Month. Examples of awards that expire on a relative date are badges for Learner of the Week or for having achieved 100% on a test or assignment.
  7. If you want to notify the award recipient before an award expires, select the checkbox and indicate the number of days of lead time.
  8. In the Choose Award Image area, do one of the following: If the image already exists in the image library, click "From Existing Library."
  9. If you want to add a new icon to the image library, click "Upload New Icon." To launch the OpenBadges website, click Create your own award image. OpenBadges is a free website that allows you to create custom icons. 
  10. Verify that the Issuer Information is correct. Should use your Otis email.
  11. Click Save.

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