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Set up Grades



Video: The Gradebook [0:21:57]

An overview of how to set up the grade book using CATEGORIES that represent your grade breakdown or % weights for calculating your grades and then ITEMS that are associated with these categories and are the specific coursework activities you will be grading.



The grade book tool which allows for a lot of customization. As such, it can be confusing.

We STRONGLY recommend meeting with the Teaching/Learning Center staff for help creating your first grade book.

How to Create Your Grade Book:

Course Toolbox > Grades > Setup Wizard

Step 1

  • Select Weighted 

Step 2

  • Select Automatically Release Final Grade

Step 3

  • Select Drop Ungraded Items
  • Select Automatically Keep Final Grade Updated

Step 4

  • Select Percentage: Otis College Grade Scale (Color NP/P)

Step 5

  • Enter 1

Step 6

  • Select Points Grade
  • Select Grade Scheme Symbol
  • Enter 1 in the first box
  • Enter 2 in the second box
  • Select Display Final Grade Calculation to Users

Step 7

  • Select Finish

Step 8

  • Select Create a New Grade Category to build categories listed in the syllabus

Your Grade book and categories have been set up! 

You may now begin to build your assignments.

Gradebook Organization

After you set-up your Gradebook:

Step 1: Add Categories
  • Categories serve as folders to organize the different tasks or coursework you will be grading. 
  • Categories should match the grade breakdown in your syllabus. 
  • A Category = the collection of tasks or a single task that equals x% of their student's overall final grades.
  • You do not enter grades into a category. It is for organization and tells the system how to calculate final grades.
  • Weight = what % of the final grade 
  • Distribution - recommend selecting 3rd option to have all tasks weighted equally in the category
Step 2: Add Grade Items
  • Grade Items are the actual tasks/coursework - the columns in your grade book where you enter scores
  • Grade Items are associated with categories.
  • Add Grade Items under Coursework > Grades
  • When you build Assignments, Discussions, or Quizzes to collect coursework in the Nest, select [New Grade Item] to add the coursework activity to your grade book.

STEP 1: Grade Center Setup Wizard (0:02:43)

Unable to view? Watch on Youtube.

STEP 2: Create Grade Item For Each Graded Coursework or Task (0:02:00)

Unable to view? Watch on Youtube.

STEP 3: Connect Coursework (Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes) To Gradebook (0:02:08)

Unable to view? Watch on Youtube.

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