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Common Terms

Unit - Refers to the organization of course content. Units hold various types of files and media. Units can be organized weekly and/or thematically.

Grade Item - Like a column in your grade book - creates a slot to enter a grade. You create grade items for the coursework you wish to grade.

Grades - A tool you can use to record, calculate, and track student/learner grades. Functions as a grade book.

Course Toolbox - Features various tools and features faculty/instructors can use in their course.

Course Wall - Can be used as an activity feed, a place to post information about what is occurring in the class. Unlike an announcement, students can reply and/or post here as well.

Release Conditions - Criteria you set telling the system to automatically release information and/or activities.

Landing Page - What you see when you first log in to the Learning Management System.

Homepage - First page when entering a course, provides a more summary view.

Navbar - Menus to help you navigate through the Learning Management System.

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