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The First Day of Class

The first day of class will set the overall tone for the rest of the semester.

Below are our top recommendations! Don't let class be just a "Syllabus Day."

  1. Get to class a little early so you can acquaint yourself with the available technology
  2. Welcome students + share a little about yourself
  3. Encourage students to participate in an ice-breaker so they feel more comfortable with each other (this will help discussions/critiques later on)
  4. Take attendance
  5. Review your syllabus* (also make sure to have a copy electronically available for students to access)
  6. Consider a mini-lesson on some of the more intriguing parts of the course and content you will cover over the semester to increase student interest and enthusiasm for content

*Don't assume students will remember everything in your syllabus going over it once on the first day. Go back, pull up the syllabus, and refer to the content throughout the class. Encourage students to consult the syllabus often. 

Collaboration + Group Projects + Critique

An important element of student-centered, more engaged, learning is collaboration. When students interact and work with each other, they take a more active role in the classroom, which increases the potential to deepen and strengthen learning.

  1. The New Power of Collaboration (TED Talk)
  2. Designing and Orchestrating Online Discussions (Baker, 2011)

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