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Teaching/Learning Center: DIVERSITY

Literature Review: Integrating Diversity Into College Curricula

1. A New Rubric for Assessing Institution-Wide Diversity

2. Diversity in Teaching and Learning: Affirming Students as Empowered Learners

3. Reconsidering the Inclusion of Diversity in the Curriculum

4. Strategies for Fostering Inclusion in the Classroom

5. Diversity Assessment, Accountability, and Action: Going Beyond the Numbers

6. Teaching To and Through Cultural Diversity

7. Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum: An Art and Design Practitioner’s Guide

8. Three Research Studies on Diversity in College Classrooms (AAUP)

9. A Model for Diverse Learning Environments: The Scholarship on Creating and Assessing Conditions for Student Success

10. Guidelines for Teaching Diversity and Inclusion

11. The Educational Benefits of Diversity: Evidence from Multiple Sectors

12. Helping Faculty Teach Diverse Students and Diverse Topics Effectively Principles and Guidelines

13. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching: Diversity & Inclusive Teaching

14. Five Competencies for Culturally Competent Teaching and Learning

15. Cornell University Center of Teaching Innovation: Inclusive Teaching Strategies

16. Perceptions of Faculty Behavior by Students of Color

17. Creating Inclusive Learning Environment

18. UCLA - Diversity in the Classroom 

19. Teaching Diversity: Tips for Being Inclusive

From Proquest:

20. How a Sustainable Campus-Wide Diversity Curriculum Fosters Academic Success


22. The Racialized Impact of Study Abroad on US Students' Subsequent Interracial Interactions

23. Diversity Multiculturalism and Pluralism: Moving From Hospitality and Appreciation to Social Inclusion on Campus and Beyond

24. Measuring the Diversity Inclusivity of College Courses

25. Disequilibrium and Resolution: The Nonlinear Effects of Diversity Courses on Well-Being and Orientations toward Diversity


27. Curricular Diversity Requirements: presence Substantial; Impact Debated

28. Faculty Teaching Diversity Through Difficult Dialogues: Stories of Challenges and Success

29. Experiencing the Unexpected: Toward a Model of College Diversity Experiences and Attitude Change

30. Adding Diversity to Curricula, Starting in the Classrooms

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Otis College of Art and Design is proud to be one of the most diverse art and design colleges in the nation.

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TEDx Talk

Dr. Melissa Crum is an artist, education consultant and diversity practitioner who works with many educators in urban schools. She noticed that many teachers had challenges teaching and relating to students who did not share their same cultural background. So, she worked with a museum educator to create an arts-based professional development series that helps educators think about how they are thinking about their diverse students. Her personal story and professional practice work together to tell a creative, inspiring, and eye-opening message that everyone must hear.

TEDx Talk: Practical Diversity

We strive to embrace diversity and inclusion in our schools and workplaces, but we often fail to understand what this looks like practically. Dr. Dawn Bennett-Alexander believes that with a little effort, we can move diversity and inclusion from theory to practice.

Cross-Cultural Communication

This guide shows the difference in communication styles between Americans, Asian groups, and certain Native Americans as an example. 

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#AskMe Video

Video: 'Ask Me': What LGBTQ Students Want Their Professors to Know

By Julia Schmalz 
Transgender and gender-nonbinary students share what keeps them from feeling safe and thriving on campus.


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Undoing Racism

PISAB logo of a black circle with green and orange

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB), is a national and international collective of anti-racist, multicultural community organizers and educators dedicated to building an effective movement for social transformation.

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