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Drop-in Q & A hosted by the Teaching Learning Center (Extension Instructors and Faculty)

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Every Tuesday and Thursday, 11 am - 12 pm

Destiny One


Google Classroom

A quick video on how to navigate the Otis dashboard to get to Google Classroom (0:01:54):

A quick video on how create a Google profile account on Google Chrome (0:02:12):

How to Use Google Classroom


Google Classroom makes teaching more productive and meaningful by streamlining assignments, boosting collaboration, and fostering communication. Educators can create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Classroom also seamlessly integrates with other Google tools like Google Docs and Drive.



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Otis College Instructional Continuity - Extension

Otis College Instructional Continuity

For Extension Programs


As we consider scenarios that may impact class schedules, we have options when it comes to considering how to adapt for any possible interruptions, short or long term, in our teaching.

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