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Instructional Continuity

Join Us For Some TLC Online

TLC Staff will be available starting every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of summer via Zoom for faculty or instructors or staff to drop by if you need any help, want to chat, or have questions.

Zoom Meeting ID 653-795-0187

Planning for Fall 2020

In the PDF guide below, we condensed many of the ideas and best practices around online instruction discussed in our 6-week pedagogy course, Bricks + Clicks to provide a basic set of guidelines to work from in considering virtual instruction for your courses.

Going Online With Instruction Workshop Videos

Part 1: Instructional Continuity (0:12:00) - select "CC" for captions.

Part 2: Using The Tools (0:29:00) - select "CC" for captions.

Going Online With Instruction Slide Presentation

The Checklist

The following checklist provides possible solutions as well as resources useful in the event of student’s or faculty’s prolonged absence or campus closure.

TOP SOLUTION: Use the Nest as a central hub for your students since your courses already exist and students are populated in them.


NEED: Establish a mode of communication between faculty and students. Make sure students are aware you are using this communication. They will need to check their Otis Emails as College systems are automatically synced to that email.



  • The Nest - class or individual email
  • Otis College Webmail


Zoom - meet with students synchronously online


  • The Nest - in-system messaging tool
  • Microsoft Teams - messaging app


NEED: Make syllabus available digitally.


  • Email as attachment
  • Upload/post to the Nest
  • Add to G-Drive and share with class

Distribute Instructional Content

NEED: Share documents, readings, presentations, images, and other course materials.


  • Email
  • Upload/post to the Nest
  • Add to G-Drive and share with class

TOP TIP: Need a quick way to digitize hard copy resources? Use your phone to snap pictures or download the free ​Adobe Scan app​ to use your phone to create PDFs.


NEED: To meet with students and actively engage with instructional content.


  • Web-conferencing (Zoom) - allows you to meet with students live
  • Upload/post to the Nest - online discussion forums

Record Demos/Lectures

NEED: Capture teaching to share with students virtually.


  • Web-conferencing (Zoom) - leverage the camera/microphone on your mobile device or computer to record your demo or lecture. You can also use Zoom to share screen and record action on a computer.
  • Share videos through G-Drive with students


Contact to learn what equipment is available for you to check-out. Tutorials on how to use the equipment are available on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Office Hours

NEED: Maintaining designated time for students to meet with you virtually.


  • Email
  • Web-conferencing (Zoom)


NEED: Make sure you can review work and share coursework feedback with students.


  • Email
  • Upload/post rubrics and feedback in the Nest

Disability Services – COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Any communication with instructors involving students disclosing their need for accommodations will be handled by Dr. Carol D. Branch via email from Letters will be sent as PDF attachments as needed. If a faculty/instructor has questions, please email Dr. Carol Branch directly.

Notetaking and Extra Time Accommodations

  • There will be no note-taking assistance provided during the online instruction time period. Most online components are not a lecture style, but video and/or Presentation-based.
  • Students must still notify their faculty of the need to use the accommodation by email before the due date of their assignment. This is normal practice
  •  Because students with disabilities are often allowed the accommodation of “extended time on exams,” it is important to be able to provide this accommodation in an online setting as well. In most course management systems, it is possible to adjust an individual student’s exam length, but it is not always simple to do this. In some cases it is necessary to set up a different exam for the student who needs extended time. Consult with the Teaching and Learning Center on how to set this up when you have a student who is eligible for this accommodation.

Additional Accommodations

  • Any questions about additional accommodations such as medical absences, should be directed to Dr. Carol Branch at

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