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Teaching Writing ESL, EFL, ESOL Students (international students)


"If you require students to produce writing to evidence their learning in your class, then guiding students in creating that outcome should be a part of your teaching. It’s not all about grammar and correctness; good writing is good thinking. With some insight into proven best practices in student writing, you can help your students improve their writing and thinking skills." - Debra Ballard


  1. Top Tips For Assisting Students 
    • Require all written work reviewed by a tutor and signed off
    • Complete Academic Support Referral Forms, especially if students are encouraged to concentrate on a particular aspect of a given assignment
    • Review other work posted in student's Learning ePortfolio to get a sense of what a student can and cannot do
    • Provide clear step-by-step instructions in written form and verbally
  2. "24 Tips for Teaching Writing" (The Chronicle)
  3. "Teachers Say Tech Helps Student Writing, But Encourages Shortcuts" (Education Week)

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