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Policy Quick Links

An updated list of Otis College policies for faculty syllabi can be found in the Nest (Otis College Learning Management System) in the Master Course template. You can copy these policies to your course syllabus.

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations

Students have the opportunity to provide feedback to faculty and the department Chair via course evaluations conducted at the end of the semester.

The department determines the schedule and reports the results.

The current course evaluation is under review.  Look for updates to the evaluation soon!

Incident Report Forms

Incident Report Forms

These online forms should always be completed to formally report the incident so the appropriate parties can follow-up and ensure everything is okay.

This can be done after the incident has occurred.

Student Incident/Injury/Misconduct/Concern

Form in Dashboard:

Complete this form for:

  • Academic Misconduct (ex. Cheating or Plagiarism)
  • Conduct Violation
  • On-Campus Injury
  • Off-Campus  Injury
  • On-Campus Incident
  • Other

Faculty/Staff Incident or Injury

Form in Dashboard:

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