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Addressing Student Basic Needs

Listed on the Otis College website are resources and services that the College offers to address and provide support for some challenges that many students face, such as food insecurity, housing insecurity, and lack of access to basic needs.

Support includes:

  • Feed-A-Need Program
  • Otis College Food Pantry
  • Fresh Fridays
  • Resource Exchange
  • Ride-Share Program
  • Housing Resources
  • Otis College Mental Health Services

Disability & Accessibility Series: Ableism 101

Otis College: Dr. Toni Saia "Ableism 101" (1:13:10)


Disability & Accessibility Series: Supporting Students with Anxiety and Depression

Disruptive, Distressed, Dangerous Students

Dr. Nicholas Negrete, Dean of Student Affairs, conducted a Convocation workshop targeted to faculty/instructors/staff fall 2018 at Otis College. This workshop supports faculty/instructors to identify types of distress, know when to "refer" students for support, manage classroom incidents, and how to follow-up after an incident has occurred.

Inevitably, students may face situational difficulties (relationship issues, death of a family, acute stressors, etc.) during their college career that can be addressed with targeted attention through counseling, advising, or other intervention options. Mental health on college campuses is of significant concern, and something many students face while working hard to function at a high level. 

Student Health and Wellness Center

The Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) includes both medical and counseling services for all currently enrolled Otis College students. All students have access to the SHWC, even if they do not have the student health insurance.  

More information.

Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services are available to support all currently enrolled Otis College students. Services are free and confidential.

More information.

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