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Representations of War: RESEARCH GUIDE

Selected Subject Headings for Books at Otis

Opposing Viewpoints

For information on the topic or theme of a documentary, the Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints database is an excellent place to begin your research. Good critical thinking demands that you consider various point of view on a topic. The databases collects articles that represent various sides of issues.

A few examples of topics covered in this database:

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The Liberty Loan Poster: A Textbook for Amateurs (1918)

Pennell poster
Locations: Special Collections

The poster by Joseph Pennell is one of the most famous of all World War I posters, bearing the slogan "That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Face of the Earth Buy Liberty Bonds." It depicts enemy biplanes flying over the Statue of Liberty in a battle scene in New York Harbor. Pennell documented his creation of this work in his book The Liberty Loan Poster: A Textbook for Amateurs. The book shows the printing process and the individual color separations.

This type of poster is discussed in Wake up, America! : World War I and the American poster by Walton Rawls with foreword by Maurice Rickards. Call Number NC1807 U5 R261 1988

See also the exhibition photo essay from the Library of Congress.

Ad from the NY Times in 1918

Streaming Documentaries & Features

Posters in the Library of Congress

Women in World War I War Posters from the Smithsonian

Recommended Websites

First World War--British National Archives

Imperial War Museum

National WWI Museum and Memorial

Newspaper Pictorials: American Memory (Library of Congress)

World War I Poster Collection

World War I Posters (Library of Congress)

Public Affairs: The Military and the Media, 1968-1973  (e-book book covering the formulation of military policies for dealing with the press in Vietnam and how those policies influenced the conduct of the war prior to the Tet offensive of 1968.)

Media Role in the Vietnam War  (Articles at this website are written by history enthusiasts of the Viet Nam war and should be verified for accuracy.)

The Vietnam War, Through Eddie Adams' Lens  (From NPR's website, this article reviews the book Eddie Adams: Vietnam (and a small photo gallery of Adams' work.) 

Photojournalism and the Vietnam War (This project website provides expert commentaries and primary documentation on histories, theories and practices of photographic representation of international conflict.)

Images of the Vietnam War that Defined an Era  (Article from the New York Times about the impact that photographs had on public opinion of the Vietnam War.)

Antiwar and Radical History Project  (From the University of Washington, this site seeks to provide an overview of antiwar activities from around the Pacific Northwest. The section on the Vietnam War is further broken down into four sections: student activism, draft resistance, scanned photos and documents, and antiwar voices from within the military.)

The Fall of Saigon  (From Includes photos essays, video, timeline.)

National Archives (The National Archives has custody of a wide assortment of both textual documents and electronic records related to the Vietnam conflict.)

The Price of Freedom: Americans at War  (Exhibitions from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History about ALL American wars.)

Vietnam War (More than 1300 video clips from C-SPAN on a variety of topics relating to the Vietnam War.)

The Vietnam War (Alpha History's Vietnam War site documents the struggle for Vietnam which claimed more than two million lives, among them 58,000 US soldiers. Other wars are also covered.)

Vietnam War History  (Explore the history of the Vietnam War. Excellent photos and videos from

Vietnam 35 Years Later  (A series of photos from the Boston Globe's Big Picture.)

Online Exhibitions from the National WWI Memorial and Museum

The Civil War and American Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art and War from the Canadian War Museum

War Poster Collection from the University of Washington

Digital Collections about War & Military from the Library of Congress

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