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Chronicle of Higher Education

General Tips About Effective Teaching

The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers
Even if you weren’t born with some of these qualities, 
you can develop them. (Chronicle of Higher Education)


"[My] experiences have led me to conclude that, when we boil down all the metrics, we’re left with four qualities that all powerful teachers possess."



"Great teachers tend to be good-natured and approachable, as opposed to sour or foreboding; professional without being aloof; funny (even if they’re not stand-up comedians), perhaps because they don’t take themselves or their subject matter too seriously; demanding without being unkind; comfortable in their own skin (without being in love with the sound of their own voices); natural (they make teaching look easy even though we all know it isn’t); and tremendously creative, and always willing to entertain new ideas or try new things, sometimes even on the fly."


"Yet the best teachers, as Lang concluded, are always 'present' — fully in the moment, connecting with both their subject matter and their students."


"Knowing what you’re talking about can compensate for a number of other deficiencies, such as wearing mismatched socks, telling lame jokes, or not having an Instagram account. Preparation occurs on three levels: long-term, medium-term, and short-term."


"Passion, or love, manifests itself in the classroom in two ways: enjoying work with students and love for your subject matter."

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