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Foundation Department

Finding Visual References to Use in Classes

No doubt your Foundation Faculty will want you to find books in the Library to help you understand different movements and types of art. This guide will help you do that!

If you want to find names of artists associated with any movement you are research, try Wikipedia. Most of the movements on the list have articles with names of many artists associated with each. Books about artists will be located in different sections of the Library. Use the Catalog.

Search the Library Catalog

Art History Surveys and Textbooks

A good general Art History survey textbook will cover many periods and movements in one book. These are located in the reference section or the Library stacks in the N5300 section. Examples:

Art Historical Periods, Cultures, and Movements

To find books on the subject, either consult the CATALOG or browse the call number sections listed below. However, books may also be located in various other sections as well. N is for Arts in general. NB is Sculpture. NC is drawing. Etc.

African Art (traditional) Native American (Indians of North America, Inuit, etc.)      

Some Suggested Books

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