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For BFA/MFA Students and Faculty


Grammarly@EDU is easy to use and free to the Otis College Community!

Use your Otis College email to register at

What Is Grammarly@EDU

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  • is an automated grammar tutor and revision support tool
  • allows you to upload drafts of your writing assignments to receive immediate instructional feedback on over 250 points of grammar
  • highlights errors in your writing
  • explains how to correct errors
  • checks your citations
  • checks for plagiarism

Download a Grammarly Report

Some instructors want their students to turn in a Grammarly report to verify that you used the service. You can download a PDF report of the Grammarly review by selecting the score icon on the bottom right.

Grammarly score button

The goals of this report is to improve your writing and word choice as well as to check for plagiarism. The score itself is a guide, not a grade.

Although you can ignore all of the issues to receive a perfect score of 100, remember that the instructor can also use Grammarly to verify your score.

Integrate Grammarly

There are many ways to add Grammarly to tools that you may already use.

Free Browser Extensions

Grammarly offers free browser extensions that works with Chrome and Firefox. This is handy as it will automatically check your grammar and spelling when working in O-Space ePortfolios!

Fall 2018: Grammarly is beta-testing its Chrome extension to work with Google Docs.

Go to My Grammarly > Apps for more information.

Grammarly Mobile Keyboard

Mobile Apps

Grammarly Keyboard (iOS)

Grammarly Keyboard (Android)

Free Microsoft Office Add-In

Add grammar checks to Word and Outlook.

Go to My Grammarly > Apps for more information.


How to Register for Grammarly@EDU

To access Grammarly@EDU, you have to set up a personal account using your OTIS email address.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Full Name and Otis College email address
  3. Choose your own password
  4. Click the "Sign Up" button
  5. Grammarly will send you an email to verify the email address. Click on the link to confirm your registration.

Grammarly@EDU is FREE:

  • No access code is required
  • You do not need to buy a license
  • You do not need to enter any payment information

Check the Troubleshooting section below for solutions to common problems, such as:

  • What is my Otis College email address?
  • There is already an account for my email address
  • Wrong name appears on the account
  • I already have a paid account

If you need more help, please contact Heather Cleary.


Verify Your Otis College Email Address

Make sure your signed up with your correct email address.

Check your email for the verification message from Grammarly.

Replace Existing Account

Some email addresses at Otis College have been recycled. It is possible that a former student signed up for Grammarly@EDU with your email address. To fix this, you need to delete the existing account and create a new one. You may need to use Forgot Password to access the existing account.

  1. Log into Grammarly@EDU even though the wrong name appears
  2. If you cannot log in, reset the password on the account
  3. Delete the account
  4. Re-sign up for Grammarly@EDU with your email address (see directions above)

grammarly premium logo

How to Switch from Free to Premium Account

When you log into Grammarly@EDU, there will be a Premium flag by the logo. If you signed up at for free, you will not see that blue flag. You will not have access to the premium features, such as plagiarism checks and changing document types. If you try to access these features, you will be prompted to enter an Access Code or to sign up for a subscription.

To fix this, you need to delete the existing account and create a new one.

  1. Log into
  2. Delete the account
  3. Re-sign up for Grammarly@EDU with your Otis College email address (see directions above)

Get More Help

Need help using Grammarly@EDU? Training is available in the Library, Student Learning Center, and Teaching/Learning Center.

For account issues, please contact

Here are some online guides:

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