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Sample Annotations - UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Not All Information is Created Equal!

Once you have found information that meets your information need, you need to analyze and evaluate these information sources.

Annotations: The Otis Way

Annotations done the Otis Way are a detailed explanation of your evaluation process. They may be required for some assignments.

Usually, annotations are used to explain relevancy - why you used this source, why it is special, and other comments.

At Otis, we have you expanded them to include details about why you trust--or do not trust--a source. Depending on the level of your class, the annotation must cover 3-6 of these criteria:

These annotations are a way to assess your information literacy skills. They encourage you to think critically about the reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and point of view of any information source.

Check out these sample annotations

Helpful Guides:

Information Literacy: Learning Goal

Otis College graduates will be able to assemble, evaluate, and ethically use information from diverse sources to accomplish a specific purpose.

The world of information is constantly changing. Today we are more than just consumers. We are now also creators of new knowledge and information.

Information literacy is a set of skills and practices that support your ability to think critically about the information you use and create.

Information literacy is a way of knowing and thinking about all the kinds of information you encounter. To be information literate requires that you develop habits of mind that engage you in a self-directed, critical self-reflection about ways you learn what you don't know. These are important skills for any educated person and it has been identified by employers as an important skill desired of college graduates as they enter the job market. (What Employers Want)

Rubric for Information Literacy

Annotation Builder

Use this FORM to help you write your annotations.

It is designed to help remind you what needs to be included.

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