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binding desire

Binding Desire: Unfolding Artists Books
  January 25 - March 30, 2014 | OTIS Ben Maltz Gallery | Galef Center for Fine Arts | Ground Floor

Binding Desire: Unfolding Artists Books is a group exhibition featuring approximately 120 works from OTIS Millard Sheets Library’s Special Collection of 2,100 artists books dating from the 1960s to the present. The Otis Artists’ Book Collection is one of the largest in Southern California. A foundational strength of the collection is its holdings of artists books made in the 1960s and 1970s—a time when this material was often not collected by libraries because so much of it was hard to define, catalog and house.

Binding Desire Exhibition Catalogue: iBook (iTunes/iBooks 250mb) PDF (43mb) Page Reader (pop-up)
Binding Desire YouTube Playlist  Videos of artists books and student work featured in the exhibition.
OTIS Book Arts YouTube Channel  Videos of selections from the Otis Collections, individual students in Book Arts classes, and Collaboration artist books by introductory classes.
UCLA Artists Books Online  An online repository of facsimiles, metadata, and criticism.
Single-sheet artists books commissioned for the exhibition:
Hazel Mandujano Emphasis On Brief Moments of Intense Truths 
Jenna Rodriguez Extinct
Bonnie Thompson Norman Freedom of the Press

Binding Desire includes work by: Kim Abeles, Sally Alatalo, Booklyn Artists Alliance, Ant Farm, Emily Artinian, Molly Barker, Michael Bartalos, Carol June Barton, Larry Bell, Barbara Bloom, Sarah Bryant, David Bunn, Chris Burden, Macy Chadwick, Rebecca Chamlee, Julie Chen, Laurie Whitehill Chong, C&C Press/Matt Cohen and Sher Zabaszkiewicz, Billy Collins, Critical Art Ensemble, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Johanna Drucker, Mary Beth Edelson, Sam Erenberg, Carol Es, Daniel Essig, Eugene Feldman, Fly, Charles Henri Ford, Annette Gates, Cheri Gaulke, Amy Gerstler, Conrad Gleber, Fred Hagstrom, Karen Hanmer, Romano Hänni, George Herms, Dick Higgins, Tatana Kellner, Ronald King, Susan E. King, Ellen Knudson, Karen Kunc, Cynthia Lollis, Ken Leslie, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Margot Lovejoy, Sue Maberry, Barbara Maloutas, Cynthia Marsh, Scott McCarney, Paul McCarthy, Marshall McLuhan, Clifton Meador, Bruce Nauman, Katherine Ng, Bonnie Thompson Norman, Robert Oberhand, Dain Olsen, Lisa Onstad, Dennis Oppenheim, Laura Owens, Gary Panter, Werner Pfeiffer, Amy Pirkle, Arnoldo Pomodoro, Rachel Rosenthal, Sue Ann Robinson, Dieter Roth, Edward Ruscha, Niki de Saint Phalle, David Sandlin, Wilbur H. Schilling, Carolee Schneemann, Anat Shalev, Buzz Spector, Annie Sprinkle, Jana Sim, Alexis Smith, Jessica Spring, David Stairs, Gary Sweeney, Jennifer Tee, Barbara Tetenbaum, Beth Thielen, Fred Tomaselli, Rae Trujillo, Jeffrey Vallance, Paul Vangelisti, Kara Walker, Pamela S. Wood, J. Meejin Yoon, Philip Zimmermann, Marilyn Zornado.

Kim Abeles |  Video  Press

Sally Alatalo |  Video Walker Art Center: The Art of the Book  Press

Ant Farm |   Video   Press

Brooklyn Artists Alliance |  Video   Press,0,4324364.story

Emily Artinian |

Molly Barker |

Michael Bartalos |

Carol June Barton |

Larry Bell |

Barbara Bloom |   Video   Press

Sarah Bryant |

David Bunn |

Chris Burden |   Video   Press  New York Times Review "Extreme Measures"

Carolee Campbell |

Macy Chadwick |

Rebecca Chamlee

Julie Chen

Laurie Whitehill Chong

C&C Press

Critical Art Ensemble

Joyce Cutler-Shaw

Johanna Drucker

Mary Beth Edelson |  Press  Videos

Sam Erenberg |  Press  Videos

Carol Es |  Press  Videos

Daniel Essig |  Press  Videos

Eugene  Feldman |  Press

Fly |  Press

Charles Henri Ford |  Press  Videos

Annette  Gates |

Cheri Gaulke |  Press  Video

Amy Gerstler |  Press  Video

Conrad Gleber |

Fred Hagstrom |   Press

Karen Hanmer |   Video   Press

Romano Hänni |   Press

George Herms |   Video   Press

Dick Higgins |  Press  Video

Tatana Kellner |  Press  Video

Ronald King |  Press

Susan E. King |   Press  Video

Ellen Knudson |   Press   Video

Karen S. Kunc |  Press  Viideo

Ken Leslie |  Press  Video

Paul Etienne Lincoln |  Press  Video

Cynthia Lollis |  Press  Video

Margot Lovejoy |  Press  

Sue Maberry |  Press  Video

Barbara Maloutas |  Press  Video

Cynthia Marsh |  Press  Video

Scott McCarney |  Press  Video

Paul McCarthy |  Press "a-beginners-guide-to-paul-mccarthy"  Video

Marshall McLuhan |  Press  Video

Clifton  Meador |  Press   Video

Richard Minsky

Bruce Nauman |  Press  Video

Katherine Ng |  Press

Bonnie Thompson Norman |  Press

Robert Oberhand |  Press

Dain Olsen

Lisa Onstad |  Press

Dennis Oppenheim |  Press  Video

Laura Owens |  Press  Video

Gary Panter |  Press  Video

Werner Pfeiffer |  Press  Video

Amy Pirkle |  /  Press  Video

Arnaldo  Pomodoro  Press

Rachel Rosenthal |  Press  Video

Sue Ann Robinson |

Dieter Roth |  Press  Video

Edward Ruscha |  Press  Video

Niki de Saint Phalle |  Press  Video

David Sandlin |  Press  Video

Wilbur H. Schilling |

Carolee Schneemann |  Press  Video

Anat Shalev |  Press

Buzz Spector |  Press  Video

Annie Sprinkle |  Press  Video

Jana Sim |  Press

Alexis Smith |  /  Press,0,5249819.story#axzz2qdH8jLZR  /  Video

Jessica Spring |

David Stairs |

Gary Sweeney |  Press  Video

Jennifer Tee |  Press  Video

Barbara Tetenbaum |

Beth Thielen |  Press

Fred Tomaselli |  Press  Video

Rae Trujillo |  Press

Paul Vangelisti |

Jeffrey Vallance |  Press  Video

Kara  Walker |  Press  Video

Pamela S. Wood |  Press

J. Meejin Yoon |  Press  Video

Philip Zimmermann |  Press

Marilyn Zornado |  Video

Otis Lab Press |  Video

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