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Creative Action Integrated Learning Resource Guide: ABOUT

The Creative Action Integrated Learning Resource guide is a place where students and the community can come to learn more about the program, expand their learning, and access forms needed throughout the semester.


Creative Action is an integrated learning program that introduces students to compelling social and environmental issues within their community through a series of core courses.

We partner with local and international community organizations to identify and solve real-world environmental problems and social issues. In a project-based course, you’ll engage your research, leadership, and collaboration skills with a multidisciplinary team of classmates.

Some offerings are travel-study based, like our recent trip to Blantyre, Malawi to work with the staff, faculty, and students of the Jacaranda School for Orphans, which provides free food, education, and medicine to children that have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Other courses involve local communities, such as a recent project with the Exceptional Children’s Foundation in Inglewood, CA where students collaborated with developmentally disabled adults in the creation of an exhibition of work at the DAC gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

Art and design fields are increasingly being called upon to address nontraditional, complex projects and issues. Our program provides every student with academic experiences that contextualize the multidisciplinary nature of the modern workplace through collaborative teamwork and community engagement.

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