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Creative Action Integrated Learning Resource Guide: CAIL PROJECT BUDGET INFO

The Creative Action Integrated Learning Resource guide is a place where students and the community can come to learn more about the program, expand their learning, and access forms needed throughout the semester.

CAIL Project Budgets & Receipt Forms

CAIL PROJECT INFORMATION: Instructions on how to requesting project funds.


Please fill out all fields, including the project statement.  You will need to list the materials, quantities, prices and shipping costs of the items you are planning on using for your project. 

If you would like Otis to purchase the items for you, you will need to be extremely specific with what you want to purchase: color, size and if possible, model number.  *Please note, if you would like Otis to purchase the items for you, the Purchasing Department has a 3-week turn around for orders.

Types of funds that are approved:  Materials for final projects that will be delivered to the partner and / or the Creative Action Program.  These projects should be prototypes initially.  Once your instructor and the partner approve a final design, we are happy to approve a larger order.

What is not approved: Materials for additional production of items for students’ personal use or large runs of products that have not already been vetted / prototyped.




Once your budget has been approved, you have two options for purchasing your materials: 1) Have Otis purchase your materials or 2) Be reimbursed for your purchases.  Due to the 3-week timeline Purchasing has, many students choose to purchase the items themselves.  Things to consider: Do you have the time to wait for Purchasing?  Is this item something that someone else can pick up for you?  Sometimes items are custom and need to be purchased directly by the artist to insure they are correct. 

**Printing and TSS services** Please note, large prints should be done in the fourth floor lab, copies should be sent out to Fox Hills printing.  DO NOT use Kinkos or other copy houses; Otis will not reimburse for these places.  It is also important to NOT use your punch card for printing or TSS services; we will give you a chargeback form (this acts as a credit card and bills the CA office directly), the business office will not reimburse punch cards.  Furthermore, we can also forward your copies to Fox Hills Printing, which will also charge our account directly.  Please allow for a 48-hour turn around for Fox Hills prints.


If you purchased the items yourself, you will need to submit your original receipts with a reimbursement form.  It is important that you do so within 40 days of your purchase.  All receipts need to specify what you bought.  If the receipt has a total amount only and not an itemized list, please write on the receipt what the items you purchased were.  If it’s a hand written receipt also try to get a business card or something official from the vendor.  For online purchases you will also need to submit your corresponding credit card statement (you can black out all non-essential information).

For Questions, Please contact Allison Knight in the CA office at 310.846.2586 or

Otis College of Art and Design | 9045 Lincoln Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045 | MyOtis

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