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What's at Otis College Library

sheld of children's books

We have over 7 shelves of illustrated children's books. They are mostly located in NC 965.

Books about children's literature are mostly located in PR 990 and PN 1009.5. There are MANY e-books as well.

There are also books ABOUT illustrating for children, illustrators, history and criticism, and interpretations of children's literature from various perspectives.

Possible terms to search in the catalog:

  • children's literature
  • folktales
  • folklore and children
  • fairy tales
  • fables
  • illustrated children's books
  • legends
  • picture books for children

You can always add a name of a county to terms above.

There are also many collections of fairy tales, folktales, and fables.

Relevant Articles

History of Children's Books

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Using Children's Books for Research and Inspiration

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Banned Children's Books

Robinson, Joanna. “30 Banned And Challenged Kids Books That Will Make You Feel Terrible About Humanity.” Pajiba, 1 Sept. 2016,

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Major Book Awards for Children's & Young Adult Literature

These books are available at public libraries everywhere. Some items are also in the library's collections.

Children's Books Get Banned More Than You Think!

Banned Books Week 2023 Let Freedom Read

Banned Books Week: October 1-7, 2023: Let Freedom Read


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