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About Workshops

The Library offers an array of workshops, mostly focused on information literacy.

These workshops may be presented in the classroom, in the Library Computer Lab, or on Zoom. In some cases, an online video or tutorial may be available.

For all workshops, fauclty must:

  • Stay with the students for the workshop. Do not leave.
  • Schedule at least one day in advance; at least one week's notice is preferred.
  • Be flexible with scheduling.

All workshops, whether led by a librarian or faculty, will be confirmed with an Outlook invitation.

Information Literacy Workshops

NOTE: Most of these workshops can be done in person in the classroom, over Zoom, or in person in the Library Computer Lab. The latter option is preferred if you want students to immediately browse or search for a book.

Librarian-Led Workshops


Welcome to OwlCat (30 min.)

Librarian will lead students through the new library catalog, OwlCat, and how they can become power users.

Guided Research (60 min.)

Librarian will work one-on-one with students to help them find a topic, find sources for a topic, or navigate our research resources. Best held in person in the Library Computer Lab

Citations and Annotations (30 min.)

Covers creating and using citations as well as how to to do Annotations the Otis Way.

Copyright and Faire Use (30 min.)

Overview of copyright laws in the United States, fair use, and the public domain.

Databases Tutorial (30 min.)

Librarian leads the students through accessing and using a specific database, including creating an account, searching, and citations. Popular databases include:

  • The New York Times
  • WGSN
  • Grammarly

Course-Based Workshops

Introduction to Research (60 min.)

This workshop is required in Introduction to Visual Culture (AHCS 120).

How to find a book in the library; what is an i-search paper; and how to start your reseach. Includes demo of OwlCat. Best held in person in the Library Computer Lab

Finding and Evaluating Images (60 min.)

This workshop is required in Birth of the Modern (AHCS 121)..

Covers evaluating non-print sources, problems with description, and search tips and tricks. Best held in person in the Library Computer Lab

Capstone Refresher (30 min.)

This workshop is recommeded for Capstone (LIBS 440).

Goes over new research resources; specific research strategies for Capstone; and how to get help. Includes demo of OwlCat.

What Is Research?

Recommended for CAIL 200 courses.

Asynchronous Online Tutorials

These tutorials are built into their course guides. They are not available in person.

Introduction to Information Literacy

This is required in Writing in the Digital Age (ENGL 107).

  • Introduces the concept of information literacy to students by looking at a series of tweests.
  • Self-paced; may be done during class or as homework
  • No librarian will be present

View the tutorial

Writing Annotations

This is required in Ways of Knowling (LIBS 114).

  • Students write annotations for 3 YouTube videos about copyright
  • Self-paced; may be done during class or as homework
  • No librarian will be present

View the tutorial

Additional Workshops and Events

Artists' Books / Special Collections

Must be scheudled at least 7 days in advance.

Class viewing of artists' books, historical materials, and other items from Special Collections.

Faculty-Led Workshops in the Library

No library staff will be present. Not available for an entire class period.

Materials Collection Exploration

Request a guided class visit to our Materials Collection.

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