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Finding Diverse Artists and Designers

About this Guide

This guide is a place to START your research into diverse artists and designers.

This is not a comprehensive guide. Instead, we include links to quality lists and databases. Please send us your suggestions and comments.

Eventually, we hope to expand this guide to document the rich diversity of Otis Alumnx.

Getting Started

There are many ways to find diverse artists and designers.

  • Browse book sections in the Library
  • Browse online lists, research guides, and databases
  • Search Wikipedia by categories
  • Word of mouth: Ask your peers, ask your students


Research Guides

Online Lists of Diverse Artists and Designers


Indexes of artists held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Library collections:


Find a person you like in Wikipedia? Search their categories, which can become very specific, to find more people like them. Here are some pages to get your started:


Additional Resources

Athough the scope of these resources is not limited to diversity, they do collect materials by marginalized groups.


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Millard Sheets Library | MyOtis | 310-665-6930 | Ask a Librarian