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Faculty Development Resources: SABBATICALS

About Sabbaticals

Otis College of Art and Design understands and supports the restorative and creative value of faculty sabbaticals. The purpose of sabbatical leave is to enable full-time faculty members to pursue scholarly and/or professional creative development with a degree of concentration and freedom not normally possible while teaching a full-time schedule.

A sabbatical leave is an investment by the College in a faculty member's capacity to contribute to the objectives of the College, i.e. professional standing, achievement of excellence in instruction, and/or service. Therefore, sabbatical leave applications are approved only when there is adequate reason to believe they will achieve this purpose. A sabbatical leave is not automatically earned by length of employment.

Sabbatical outcomes will be shared with the college community as described in the approved leave application. Otis College of Art and Design is committed to awarding an appropriate number of sabbaticals each year. (See the Faculty Handbook for important details about eligibility and processes).


Application for Sabbatical Leave submission February 1st                    
Chair's Endorsement or Denial of applications March 1st
Faculty Development Committee Review of endorsed applications & Recommendation to the Provost April 1st
Provost decision and outcome response to applicants May 1st

Deadlines are on an annual basis.

Eligibility Requirements

Full-time faculty, Chairs and Assistant Chairs are eligible to apply after a minimum of seven years, or a cumulative total of fourteen semesters, of full-time service to Otis College of Art and Design. Thereafter, faculty will be eligible after six years of full-time service following their last sabbatical leave. No more than one sabbatical will be awarded to an individual during a seven-year period. Persons granted sabbaticals may not teach, part-time or full-time, during their leave, unless specifically included and described in their application and approved by the Provost. Other faculty development leaves, or any other conditions of non-sequential full-time service to the institution such as release time, will be factored into an applicant‘s eligibility status and considered by the Faculty Development Committee in determining priority and institutional impact. See the Faculty Handbook for further information and eligibility requirements.

Sabbatical Reports

Upon the completion of Sabbatical Leave, faculty are required to disseminate the outcomes of their leave activities to the broader Otis academic community, and post a report here.

1. Open the Sabbatical Report Formstack submission form in a new web browser window.

2. Complete the short form and upload a copy of your sabbatical report, then select submit.

3. A confirmation email of your submission will be sent to you, and the Provost Office will receive the report to review and post to this website.

Sample Sabbatical Reports:

Application Process

Application Deadline: February 1st (each year)

Eligible applicants: To avoid problems with the application form above, please follow these instructions.

1. Open the Formstack application in a new web browser window:

  • Thoroughly review the application instructions and required supporting materials.
  • Discuss your intent to apply and possible course coverage needs with your Department Chair prior to applying.

2. Submit the completed application in Formstack for your Department Chair to review and either endorse or deny the request.

3. If endorsed, the review process may take 1-2 months to complete by the Faculty Development Committee and Provost. You may anticipate receiving an outcome decision by May 1st.

Example Applications: Sabbatical Applications vary, just as faculty activities do. For your reference, view two successful sabbatical applications, below, from prior submissions:

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