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Finding Images and Videos

Images, videos, and audio resources at Otis College and on the web

MDID3 preview of homepageOtisDID Upgrade

New version of the OtisDID that does not rely upon Flash!

January 2020

  • Initial upload of data and images

February 2020

  • Testing authentication and permissions
  • Testing adding new content
  • Tweaking the interface

March 2020

  • Upload changes in data and images in OtisDID since the initial load COMPLETED March 25, 2020
  • Start offering training sessions - use this sign up form
  • Launched March 25, 2020

May 2020

  • Get user feedback

July 2020

  • New images added for Introduction to Visual Culture and other other fall courses

August 2020

  • Flash-based version of the OtisDID at shut down on August 1, 2020
  • Faculty needed to migrate any content created after March 25, 2020

Video demo available soon

Contact us if you want to add new images for your classes


  1. Do I need Flash enabled to use MDID3?
    No! The new viewer is based on Mirador.
  2. Where are my slideshows?
    • Slideshows are now called Presentations
    • Folders are now listed as Tags
  3. Can I embed presentations into the Nest?
    Yes. There are links for viewing the presentation and downloading PDF versions. Example
  4. Can I download presentations?
    Yes. Use the Package option to download them as a folder of images. Choose PowerPoint to download them into a pptx template.
  5. How does a student find my presentations?
    1. Go to Experience > Browse Presentations
    2. Search or filter by Presenter or Tag
  6. Can I upload my own images?
    Yes. Go to: Organize > Create Item

Migrating from the old OtisDID

Data migrated on March 25, 2020


View them at Organize > Browse Presentations

  • Folder names from OtisDID are now listed as TAGS
  • Most presentations have been marked as Hidden

View other people's slideshows at Experience > Browse Presentations


View them at Organize > Your Favorites

  • These items have the personal tag favorite

Personal Images

View them under Organize > Your Content

To add more, go to: Organize > Create Item

How to Log In

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Log in link
  3. If prompted, enter your Otis College credentials

If you used a custom username and password for the old site, click on the Local login link. Please contact us to migrate your content to an account using your Otis College credentials.

The Nest

To embed a presentation into a course:

  1. Go to Content > Add > Weblink
  2. Paste in the presentation URL
  3. Give it a title
  4. Choose whether to embed the page or open it in a new tab

Get Help

Schedule a training session

More help coming soon

We also offer a workshop on Finding and Evaluating Images for you and your students.

Viewing Presentations

New Mirador-based Viewer

View this sample presentation and click on the information icon

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Default viewer does not require Flash
  • Add your notes with annotations
  • URLs in the data and annotations are clickable and open in a new window
  • You can manipulate images, including flipping them
  • You can compare 2 or 4 images at once

Links are under the actions menu.Every presentation has a series of links that you can share.

  • View = View presentation using Mirador viewer
  • View (classic) = View presentation using the old Flash-based player
  • Package viewer = Download presentation with Mirador viewer (Windows only)
  • Package Files = Download a folder with the images
  • Flash Cards = Generate a PDF in the flash card format
  • Print View = Generate a PDF in the thumbnail format
  • PowerPoint = Generate a version in PPTX (can change style after download)

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