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Finding Images and Videos

Images, videos, and audio resources at Otis College and on the web


The Otis Archives are now online with over 1,000 images, including the entire 80 pages of the 1975 historical document, The Otis Story.

Images from the Archives

Original building on Wilshire 1910s

1910s The Bivouac, Wilshire Campus

Former residence of Harrison Gray Otis and original building for Otis Art Institute when the school opened its doors in 1918.

Wilshire Campus class 1930s

1930s Life Drawing Class, Wilshire Campus

1943 Clipping from Bernice Meier's Scrapbook

Henry Fukuhara at Manzanar

1950s Time Capsule opened

Document signed by Otis students in 1932, opened in 1950 with Tyrus Wong and Dorothy Jeakins on hand.

Library, Wilshire Campus 1980s

1980s Library, ground floor of the Amelia Taper Residence Hall, Wilshire Campus

Fashion Department CalMart 1997

1997 Fashion Department in the CalMart Building

1997 Westchester Campus computer lab

1997 New Computer Lab, Westchester Campus

Construction Westchester campus expansion 2014-16

2014-16 Construction site, campus expansion, Westchester Campus

Otis students, 2014, for the Time Capsule

2014 I Love Otis Photo booth image

For the Time Capsule (to be opened in 2050)

What's in a Name?

The College has had seven different names in the last 100 years:

1918 - The Otis Art Institute of the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science & Art

1936 - Otis Art Institute

1947 - The Los Angeles County Art Institute

1961 - The Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County

1978 - Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design

1992 - Otis School of Art and Design

1993 - Otis College of Art and Design

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