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Student Learning Center

Mission Statement

SLC Mission: The Otis Student Learning Center fosters intellectual, personal, and creative development through academic support to empower students’ growth as independent learners and responsibly engaged community members in the field of art and design.  We facilitate the process of cultivating authentic expression through on-campus and online tutoring, success coaching, labs, workshops, and other programming.  We act as student advocates by continuing to develop our services in ways that respect diverse ways of knowing and learning. We strive to: Foster individual vision and voice through one’s work. Facilitate autonomy and authority through tools and strategies for lifelong learning. Promote self-expression as a creative pursuit through critical thinking and ethical inquiry. Engage students with the campus community through cross-campus collaboration.

Meet the Professional Staff



Lorinda Toledo (she/her)

Assistant Director of the Student Learning Center




James Lopez (he/him)

Student Learning Center Coordinator



Mo Medved (they/them)

Digital Media/Adobe CC Specialist



Raul Meza Munoz (he/him)

Writing Lab and Workshop Specialist




Lucien Caro (he/they)

Writing Lab and Workshop Specialist

Meet the Tutors







Akari Johnston (They/ Them)



Hey! I am Arinjay (he/him), a sophomore majoring in Game and Entertainment Design. In my free time, I love to watch movies and play video games. Apart from drawing concepts on my iPad, I am also into filmmaking. See you soon at the Student Learning Center :D






Hello! I am Caitlin Ou (she/her), and I am currently a foundation year student with the intent of studying Game and Entertainment Design. I love everything about character creation and environments. I tutor in Digital Media (Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator) and am well versed in Writing and Math as well. I am here if you need any help.



Hi, my name is Chloe (she/her)! I’m a sophomore at Otis majoring in Digital Media emphasis in Animation. Last year I won 2nd place in the WITDA Essay Awards and from there I learned about tutoring in the SLC. This is my first year as a peer tutor and I tutor in writing and digital media. I enjoy sewing and watching movies in my free time. I’m also part of the Otis Dance Team Flowris!



Salutations! My name is Christina (she/they), and I am studying 2D animation with a minor in creative writing. I will be tutoring in digital media and writing. Character driven fiction filled with yearning is my favorite to read, whether it be books, graphic novels, or manga! I also love 2D games like Hades and Night in the Woods. Find me lurking in the library.




Hi, I'm Dean (he/him) and I'm a junior Game and Entertainment Digital Media major from Taiwan! As my major entails, my hobbies include video games with some Dungeons and Dragons on the side. Looking forward to working with you all!



Hello! I'm Karnie (they/them) and I'm a sophomore majoring in Game and Entertainment Design. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games or watching shows with my friends. I hope to be of help to you all!



Hello! I am Kathryn Chan (she/her), an out-of-state student who grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona. In my hometown, I studied STEM in high school; however, I decided to pursue my dreams in game design here at Otis. As such, this year, I am a junior in the Digital Media department with an emphasis in Game and Entertainment Design. I am interested in many things, but if I had to list a few, my hobbies include FPS games, drawing, and reading.



Hello! I'm Rebecca Fernandez (she/her). I am a foundation student majoring in Animation who plans to minor in Art and Design Education. I speak English and Spanish (with more on the way). I have studied digital media throughout high school and I am ready to support anyone who needs help. I look forward to working with y'all!



Hi! My name is Ronia (ron-ya) Noval (she/they). I'm majoring in Illustration and double minoring in Painting and Community Engagement. I am a junior and I have been at Otis since my Foundation year. I love to paint, collage with found materials, collect trinkets, bake, sing, hang out with my friends, and write! See you soon!



Hello! My name is Shelby (they/she) and I am a second year MFA student in the Fine Arts program. I utilize writing within all aspects of my life and art practice. On my free time, I love to play my Nintendo Switch, crochet, or cuddle with my cats. My goal for every session is to help students unlock their full potential and passions through writing. I look forward to working with you!


Hi! I’m Stephanie (she/her), a new peer math tutor at the SLC. I began my Otis journey in fall of 2022 as a Toy Design sophomore, and started at the SLC the following spring. I’m not definitively sure what toy category I aspire to work in, and rather prefer the use of discrete mathematics to avoid making such life-changing decisions. Regardless, I’m is open to fresh experiences and different ideas. As my favorite mathematician David Hilbert asserts, “to new concepts correspond, necessarily, new signs”, and I accordingly choose to interpret challenges as omens of opportunity.




Hello! My name is Yeonsoo (she/her) and I’m a junior in Digital Media majoring in Animation. Outside of artmaking, I enjoy playing video games, watching musicals, and visiting various museums. I look forward to working with you all!

Tutor Specialties

Faculty Art Historians from the Liberal Arts and Sciences department work closely with the SLC to provide students with this needed service. Art historians can provide students assistance with:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Art terms and concepts
  3. Writing reading responses and the iSearch paper
  4. Formal analysis process
  5. Semiotic analysis

Meet Your Tutors:

Olga Legg

Click here to make an appointment. Available: Tuesdays 11a–12p (Online Only), Fridays 11a–12p (Face-to-Face & Online)

Click here to view bio.

Roberta Panzanelli

Click here to make an appointment. Available: Tuesdays 10:30a–11:30a (Online Only), Wednesdays 11a–12p (Face-to-Face & Online)

Click here to view bio.

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