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Total Number of eLearning Courses Taught @ Otis College

As of 11/18/2018, the following number of eLearning courses have been taught at Otis College.


Curricular Innovation Grants

Jason Burton teaching a student using the iPad


1. Bricks + Clicks: The How-Tos of eLearning

2. HyFlex Training

3. Curricular Innovation Series

ACM: Online Course Design & Pedagogies Workshop Videos

Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) developed a summer workshop to enhance online course design and pedagogy for liberal arts faculty.

View session videos online.

eLearning Advisory Committee

In 2012 the eAC was formalized to lead e-Learning activity in support of student and college success. The committee plans and oversees College e-Learning initiatives, reviews and recommends for implementation course and program proposals, and assesses these for the College. The committee convenes monthly to review the status of pending and new developments, or as needed at the request of the Provost or any member in coordination with all members.

The eAC is comprised of individuals representing a cross-section of the Otis College Academic community meeting once a month. Current members of eAC include:

  • faculty/instructor representatives
  • the Instructional Designer/Technologist,
  • the Director of Learning Centers,
  • the Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences,
  • the Assistant Provost of Academic Effectiveness and Accreditation
  • the Director of Curriculum, Extension
  • the Dean of Extension
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