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Access to Otis Systems

Access to Otis Systems

Once you have completed the hiring paperwork for Human Resources, you will receive your user credentials via email:


  • Username (first name initial + last name)
  • Password
  • Otis Email
  • X-number (ID number)

Keep these credentials handy.  You will use them to log in to the Otis College dashboard


Credentials Not Working?

Contact Information Technology =


- See more online

The Otis College Dashboard

The Otis College Dashboard


One login provides real-time access to the content and services you need.


No more having to retype your username + password a hundred times!


How to Access the Dashboard:
Please go to
Log in with your Otis College Username and Password


With the Otis College Dashboard, you’ll have access to everything you need in one place:


  • Webmail
  • Contract Acknowledgement
  • O-Space
  • Self-Service (Final Grades)
  • The Otis Website
  • Zoom (Web Conference)
  • LinkedIn Learning (
  • Library Tools
  • Grammarly
  • Google Drive (G-Drive)
  • and much more.

These are only a few of the resources available to you. 


Check out the Dashboard to see more!

Sync Otis Email To Smart Phone

Sync Otis Email to Smart Device

Your Otis Email = first initial + last name @


On Your Mobile Device . . .

  • Download the free Microsoft Outlook mail application.
  • Log in with Otis College username + password. 

Need help?

Contact the Information Technology Helpdesk =

Entering Final Grades


This is where you enter final grades at the end of each semester.

Select the "Enter Final Grades Here" quick link on the Otis College Dashboard.


Helpful Tips:

  • Sort by semester.
  • If you enter a failing grade for a student, you must also enter their last date of attendance in your course.
  • Submit often to make sure the system does not time out.

Need help?

Contact the Information Technology Helpdesk =

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