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Why eLearning Benefits Faculty + Students

2021 - "Students Want Online Learning Options Post-Pandemic" (Inside Higher Ed)

Otis College embraces the potential learning-enhancing value of eLearning in various manifestations.

E-Learning courses are offered in support of student success. They afford students more flexible schedules, the opportunity to repeat or review online content as needed, and work on course content when most motivated. Such courses also provide faculty increased flexibility, in particular, saving commute time.

Myriad literature suggests that, when executed thoughtfully, eLearning can help students enhance overall learning in specific courses by:

  • managing their schedules,
  • reviewing class materials, and
  • organizing their efforts productively.

While the college continually gathers input from faculty members, chairs, directors, and others in the Student Learning and Success division, it strives to move forward with the help and guidance of the eLearning Advisory Committee toward achieving some of the benefits that e-Learning can bring, including bridging geographic divides to create a continuing learning relationship between faculty and students by matching technology with student needs, course learning objectives, and the College mission.

Currently, eLearning at Otis College comprises both blended (with micro option) and online course delivery that enhances: 

  • Interactivity, customization, and flexibility for students and faculty
  • Teaching effectiveness and academic excellence
  • Student success 
  • Opportunities for degree completion
  • Remedial learning opportunities
  • Academic emergency recovery capacity
  • Market competitiveness.

Know the eLearning Modalities

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Faculty Eligibility To Teach HyFlex Courses @ Otis College

Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) courses allow students to participate in the same class choosing each week how they want to attend. They can attend on-campus, online synchronous, or online asynchronous. This type of course mode follows a student-elected attendance model (SEAM).

Teaching a successful HyFlex course requires adaptability and flexibility. HyFlex courses require a higher level of comfort with technology. To ensure a positive and effective learning experience for both students and faculty, we recommend faculty teaching HyFlex courses meet these requirements:

  • Successfully completed the six-week online pedagogy course “Bricks, Clicks, and Learning”
  • Have taught online synchronous or asynchronous course/s at Otis College of Art and Design
  • Completed specialized HyFlex training with Teaching/Learning Center staff
  • Demonstrates fluency in using digital instructional technology tools like Zoom, G-Drive, and the Nest
  • Feels confident in setting up and using computer hardware like external microphones, webcams, and/or speakers

All HyFlex courses must be approved by faculty’s Department Chair/Director to ensure that the course falls within the limits set by WSCUC for maximum number of online courses (which includes online, blended, and hyflex). This also ensures the course modality is listed correctly on the course schedule for students.

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