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Teaching/Learning Center

The TLC is Here to Help You!

Are you curious about the technology available to you at Otis College?

Do you have questions about teaching or managing your classroom?

The Teaching/Learning Center at Otis College is here to help you!


Drop-in Q & A hosted by the Teaching Learning Center (Extension Instructors and Faculty)

Meeting link: 

Every Tuesday and Thursday 12 pm - 1 pm

August Workshops

Drop-In Hours

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 - 1:00pm in Zoom: 

August Training/Workshop Schedule

The August training/workshops below are scheduled for 1 hour and will be conducted remotely via Zoom: These training/workshops are not sequential and can be taken a la carte. You are welcome to join as many sessions as you wish.

We ask you come with questions and concerns so we can address during these sessions as well.


Advanced Nest Training (Led by Jean-Marie): Covers: Course Toolbox, Coursework, Discussion boards, Grades + Rubrics, Groups

  • August 3rd - August 7th @ 5pm

  • August 17th - Friday the 21st @ 6pm

Beginning Nest Training (Led by Jean-Marie): Covers: Navigation, Course Homepage, Content, and Communication (Emails + Announcements)

  • August 3rd - August 7th @ 6pm (Except on August 5th)
  • August 17th - August 21st @ 5pm

Introduction to Microsoft 365 Apps (Led by Jean-Marie): Covers: Teams, Bookings, MyAnalytics, and more . . .

  • August 7th @ 10am and @ 11am

Making Online Courses Accessible (Led by Jean-Marie): Covers: guides and tools in the Nest to ensure your class is accessible for all types of learners

  • August 10th - August 14th @ 5pm

Online Teaching Best Practices (Led by Jean-Marie): Includes: strategies for presenting content, effective organization and structures, synchronous (live) vs asynchronous contact

  • August 10th - August 14th @ 6pm

Building an Anti-Racist Classroom (Led by Natalie):

  • August 17th - August 21st @ 11am

Building an Online Community (Led by Natalie): Includes: Connecting with students + remote community engagement.

  • August 17th - August 21st @ 2:30pm


Convocation Week:

Managing an Online Class (Led by Jean-Marie and Natalie): Includes: how to monitor student work for authenticity, synchronous group work, working with students in different locations

  • August 24th @ 3pm and @ 4pm

Key Tools: Learn About Zoom (Led by Jean-Marie): Covers: the basics and helpful features in zoom you may not even know existed

  • August 25th @ 4pm and @ 5pm

Key Tools: Learn About G-Drive (Led by Jean-Marie and Natalie): Covers: the basics and strategies for usage with classes, including online critique

  • August 26th @ 3pm and @ 5pm

Key Tools: Learn about MS Teams (Led by Jean-Marie and Natalie): Covers: the basics and how could help support instruction

  • August 27th @ 2pm and @ 3pm

Key Tools: Learn About the Dashboard + Email (Led by Jean-Marie and Natalie): Covers: the basics, navigation, features, and set-up/customization

  • August 28th @ 2pm and @ 3pm

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