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Disruptive, Distressed, Dangerous Students

Dr. Nicholas Negrete, Dean of Student Affairs, conducted a Convocation workshop targeted to faculty/instructors/staff fall 2018 at Otis College. This workshop supports faculty/instructors to identify types of distress, know when to "refer" students for support, manage classroom incidents, and how to follow-up after an incident has occurred.


Assistant Provost Joanne Mitchell and Faculty Members Emma Kemp and Rachel Roske lead a discussion on how they have navigated the new attendance policy as a means for improving classroom instruction and student outcomes.  This is in keeping with the vision of the policy to increase students' agency and responsibility for their own academic performance.

International Students

Dr. Darren Grosch, Director of the International Students Program at Mt. San Antonio College,  in this workshop focuses on best practices in teaching international students, promoting cultural consciousness, and engaged learning in our classrooms.

All About Accomodations

Dr. Carol Branch, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Title IX Coordinator at Otis College, provides helpful information about accommodations in the classroom in this workshop. What do those letters of notification mean? How do I arrange for an exam proctor? Why do I have to provide accommodations? Find out the answers to these common questions and more.


In this workshop, Natalie Salvador, Fashion Design Lecturer and Teaching/Learning Center Program Coordinator at Otis College, goes in depth in exploring motivation and how it impacts student classroom behavior. She provides helpful best practices for the classroom on how to foster student motivation. 

The Adolescent Brain

Dr. Julie Spencer, Physician and Director of Otis College Student Health & Wellness Center, conducted a fall 2018 workshop targeted to faculty/instructors/staff at Otis College. In this workshop she discusses the basic neurobiology and developmental stage of the adolescent/young adult brain and how this basic knowledge will help faculty/instructors and staff learn to better communicate with students.

Supporting Growth & Resilience in the Classroom

Dr. Rachel Brosamle, Psychologist/Counseling Director at Otis College fall 2018, conducted a Convocation workshop targeted to faculty/instructors/staff at Otis College. This workshop focuses on approaches and language you can use in the classroom to support resilience and student growth.

Facilitating Difficult Discussions in Turbulent Times

Dr. JoAnn Staten, Acting Assistant Chair for Liberal Arts and Sciences, conducted a Convocation workshop targeted to faculty/instructors/staff fall 2018 at Otis College. This workshop offers best practices for facilitating discussions on "hot-button" topics in ways that are inclusive and supportive, rather than divisive.

Creating Classroom Video

Natalie Arps-Bumbera spoke at a spring 2018  Otis College Academic Assembly meeting in the Forum on how video can enhance course instruction and the different types of video one can create.

Check out Natalie's "TLC: Instructional Video Making Basics" playlist on LyndaCampus to get started making your own instructional videos. Natalie Arps-Bumbera teaches in the Liberal Arts and Sciences department and has extensive experience in video production.

How eLearning Can Serve Studio

In this video, Randy Lavender (27-year veteran studio Professor, and Bricks + Clicks alumnus, former Provost) discusses how eLearning - going digital with course instruction - can enhance studio instruction. He addresses common concerns and questions in this video.

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